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  1. I am playing at mercenary level in Alien Eradication "They're in Vents", and I can't find the exit. There's a door that says exit buy won't open. The vents to behind it are closed, and you have push a barrel to the junction vent (which is opened) just to get to one. I've gone everywhere for a least a couple of hours. If anybody knows what I'm talking about and what I'm overlooking, please let me know.
  2. Doughnut1321

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    Thank you. I'll try lowering the deadzone setting.
  3. Doughnut1321

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    I am using a controller. Thank you very much for the analysis of the problem and offering an explanation.
  4. Doughnut1321

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    That was the first thing I thought and checked for, but that is a good suggestion.
  5. Doughnut1321

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    I didn't mean jumping. I meant traversing a gap. Sorry, I should have deleted that, since I know jumping is considered a function.
  6. Doughnut1321

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    I've tried strafe jumping and running. As far as a specific example, the small gap between platforms to traverse to get the blue sphere in I think map 5 of Syringe, I cannot do no matter what method I use (and I did try strafe running).
  7. Doughnut1321

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    That's the version sold by Microsoft, and I purchased it with a gift card acquired through Bing points.
  8. Doughnut1321

    Can't access console in Syringe Addon

    Actually, I have always run checked in settings. The under needed speed quality is a strange quirk that I only discovered after watching several walkthroughs, and I realized my character was not moving fast enough. My systems specs are more than sufficient. In GZDoom, I correct it with the turbo setting. I have Doom 2 classic which refers to Unity when mentioning the addons. Is there a possibility that certain events that involve a challenge for an award run relatively faster than intended due to different parameters for the run speed of the game? Thanks for the response and information.
  9. I am playing Doom 2 Unity with the Syringe addon and can't access the console. I need to increase turbo since my character always runs too slow for some tasks. Also, I would like to know if there is a way to keep the turbo setting constant as you go from mod to mod, or permanently change the default value of 100 (same result, I guess). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Doughnut1321

    Are there any HR Giger inspired wads/mods?

    A Giger-themed map would be right up Doom's alley. His work has more of tarnished organic-metal look than in Adessa, but it's still a very good and creative map. I hope somebody goes with this idea further. He was a friend to a heavy metal band inspired by his work (I saw this in a documentary.). This is the first I've heard of his death - a great loss. His work was very unique. I am sure he would have collaborated with people working on a Doom mod.