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  1. Veddge

    /newstuff #229 and #232 -> Where are they?

    Was there anything actually released during those weeks that was worth mentioning? I played a few and there was a decent set of DM maps, and a really awful terminator wad.
  2. Well not quite ;)

    With just 3 weeks left of school, I'm excited to almost be done. I have my Senior project due soon and I'm a bit worried about how that will go. Since I'll be going to college for graphic design, I wanted to put together a full package for an imaginary video game, kind of liek what Scuba did for Action Doom. I've been designing box art, packaging material like promotional items (like Dwango type stuff ;)), instruction manual and CD artwork. Plus I designed some Advertisements for it in magazine format. I really hope the panel grading my project will like it.

    Also, I hope to work on my CC3 map as soon as school is out in 3 weeks ;)

    1. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Any chance of seeing what you've done?

    2. Veddge


      The cover is almost done, I just need to work on it a bit more, and finish up the colouring and drawing, but I hope I can get a pic up soon as it's finished and I can find some descent web space ;)

  3. Veddge

    Spider Shot ChillerCastle

    I just played Aztec and I am really looking forward to this one. Did you also make an Egyptian themed Map?
  4. Veddge

    Simplicity - Because Complexity Sucks

    Wow! Relly amazing work. Especially for a 2 hour job. How much time were individuals given for the speedmapping competitions?
  5. Veddge

    Brooklyn from Gargoyles

    The texture looks really washed out. I think you need to increase the contrast a bit.
  6. Veddge

    But the Pope's Husband is Opposed!

    Well, he IS a catholic priest ;)
  7. Blech, maybe I'm not really missing out on anything by not eating meat ;)
  8. Veddge

    But the Pope's Husband is Opposed!

    The pope used to be so active, and that assination really took alot out of him :( I hope he goes peacefully in the near future. He's been a pretty decent Pope.
  9. Veddge

    Community Chest 3?

    I missed out on the last Community Chest, and I really want to get in on this one. I'll make map 16, the map I'm making will translate perfectly :)
  10. I turned 18 today. My parents took me out to eat at the Three Stallion Inn, I absolutely love their fettuccini alfredo. I got burnout 3 for my XBox which is really fun :)

    I also am trying to decide which colleges to attend in the fall. I thought I might go to The University of Vermont or maybe Albany. I want to study graphic design and I hear that both schools have a decent design program. I'm leaning towards UVM since I don't know if I can afford the out of state tuition.

    1. Veddge


      It's a really nice city, it's right on Lake Champlain. It has that little big town feel to it, and alot of old architecture too.

    2. Sporku
    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Bastard! You stole my thunder!

      So the college is located on the beautiful 6th great lake huh Veddge?

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  11. Veddge

    Do you believe in God?

    Geekmarine: I was raised Lutheran, so I have some faith in a god of some kind and an afterlife. It's just that I also agree with most of the things science says too, from everything I've learned in school. I dunno, I guess I would subscribe to the "Belief in a god that created the matter that eventually became the universe, who set everything in motion" faith ;)
  12. Veddge

    Do you believe in God?

    I do believie in an afterlife. I'm not fanatical, and I don't doubt what science has discovered, like the evolution or anything. I just believe that something happens to us after we die.
  13. Veddge

    Castlevania Bloodlines Merman model

    I love it :D I love Castlevania Bloodlines. Have you ever tried making models and then converting them into Doom characters using a process similar to id's?
  14. Veddge

    Is anyone getting tired of making wads?

    I started mapping about 6 years ago when I was about 12 and kindof sputtered out for a while. Last year I started up again, and have been working on some projects on and off for about a year now. My old work is to crappy to release, but I should have my project finished by this summer. I recently applied to a few colleges, and I hope that college doesn't get in the way of editing too much. :)
  15. Veddge

    KDIZD cancelled because of copyright issues?

    I think the most promising thing to come out of this is the official word that modifying doom graphics is OK, as long as it stays in the doom(2) engine.
  16. Veddge

    [KDiZD] Advertisement Hype álá Action Doom

    Let's just hope that the Action Doom Advertisments aren't going to become a reocurring theme of all projects ;) I am however, really looking forward to KDiZD (That really doesn't quite roll off the tongue).
  17. Veddge

    Marathon 2 for Win 95 support?

    Was Marathon 1 a Mac only release, or did it ever come to the PC Platform?
  18. Veddge

    Voxels (are they the future?)

    I am really admiring the voxel work here, and I think it would fit beautifully in Doom. I don't think spheres work too well, they should probably stay as sprites however.
  19. I liked it, however, I think that Phobos Revisited was still some of your best work.
  20. Veddge

    Wow, KDiZD is insanely good!

    I'm really anxious about Knee Deep in Zdoom, it looks like it's going to be truly fun. The last wad I played that I really enjoyed was Action Doom, and KDIZD is the first project since then (or maybe RTC) that has really piqued my curiosity. I am really looking forward to seeing what inovations are made to enhance Doom's gameplay and the new weapons too.
  21. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #218

    Sargebaldy's sequel to Neith was really fun. Hell on Cheese was ok too.
  22. Veddge

    [Poll] Top5 "ToBeReleased" Maps in 2005?

    Deffinately Foreverhood, it looks very surreal. then maybe... KDIZD Deus Vult 2 Possibly RTC or Raynors Tale should they even make it out this year... And a few of my own projects (Which I sould get crackin on :P)
  23. Veddge

    DoomBuilder feature requests: Part 2

    I think what could be really handy would be a feature in 3d mode to "hide" floating mid textures. Often times they get in the way when aligning others and it would be helpful if they could be turned on/off at a whim.
  24. Veddge

    11 Years of Doom?!

    I really enjoyed the list. I may not agree with all of them, but it's not hard to see why those top ten were chosen. All of them are truly top ten material. I also think a little recognition should be paid to Vile Flesh ;)
  25. Veddge

    Three new Resurrection of Evil screenshots

    Hay, that is a good point, why do they get hat lights? ;) I could see those zombies beaing really frightening when they stuble around and you catch gimpses of areas being lit up.