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Everything posted by Veddge

  1. Veddge

    Oldest doom site ?

    Didn't somebody revive the Doom Wad Yellow Pages a couple years ago? Or was somebody just talking about doing that?
  2. Veddge

    Post yer booty

    Half Life 2... :D $200 A new DVD burner Digital Camera Socks Underwear The book "Zombie Survival Guide" heh It's always a good Christmas when your gifts are all missing their UPC tags.
  3. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #213

    Super Sonic Doom was really fun, and had some very creative boss battles. Some of them felt very Action Doom-esque to me, which is always a plus :)
  4. Veddge

    Ho Ho Ho! DWBS For All!

    Massmouth Christmas Special was really good, but there was alot of backtracking and tedious work. However, I still enjoyed it :)
  5. Veddge

    Deus Vult II underway

    Deus Vult 1 was one massive level that had to be split into 4 subsequent levels for other ports. 2 questions... 1) Will DVII feature levels as large as the original (single map 05) 2) and two, if so is DVII a Zdoom only mod?
  6. Veddge

    DeeP tutorial

    Will Deep (or does it) have a feature like "Make into sector" somewhat like Dmapedit used to have? I always found this to be a handy buidling tool, since redrawing the sector can sometimes take a while.
  7. Veddge

    3D Mid Textures

    When Lee Killough was optimizing the source during the early port years for boom, it was apparently somewhere in the area of 300% speed increase to the renderer. Were middle texture code optimized in this housecleaning, and does Hexen differ in any way in rendering the same effect?
  8. Veddge

    3D Mid Textures

    Why does Doom have a more difficult time rendering alot of floating mid textures than it does rendering alot of sectors? Floating mid textures come in handy to do alot of detailing, but they always cause a hit on performance.
  9. Veddge

    Best doom wads of 2004?

    I really enjoyed Barista, Action Doom and the Zdoom Community Map Project. I also have a soft sport for Decade ;)
  10. Veddge

    Half-Life 2 OUT!!!

    I am loving Half Life 2 :) When I hear people say they think the Source engine is more advanced than the Doom3 engine I have to disagree however. What people seem to like better is the art direction of Half Life 2 more than Doom3's. But yes, Half Life two is a much more fun game even if I did enjoy both ;)
  11. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #208

    With the two patches running, I think Cold as Hell could be one of the most awesome Doom mods I've played. The custom menu is a nice change from the Doom status bar, and the reloading and shell ejecting is very nice. I became really frustrated sometimes with the loading and the weapons, but it wasn't too bad. I would deffinitely consider this one of the best projects of the year, and it's surprising it went so long without any publicity or anything.
  12. Veddge

    BFG in Hell

    Heh, not to get lambasted for this (hopefully)... but Doomworld isn't the premier Doom 3 site... http://www.planetdoom.com/doom3/walkthrough/hell.shtml Planet Doom has a good walkthrough for this.
  13. Veddge

    The New 64

    Stacked sectors are exactly what I have been waiting for :D Hopefully they will be used to create some really amazing maps in the future. Unfortunately The latest Zdoom broke alot of Dehacked support on the way to them.
  14. Veddge

    Half Life 2 has gone bling-bling

    So in regards to the ATI voucher... it can be applied to the bronze package, or used as a monetary base to purchase a larger package? Am I correct?
  15. Veddge

    Deus Review

    Deus Vult was deffinately an interesting wad, and a massive effort for a new mapper. I guess I'm just not that big a fan of million monster firefights. The architecture was nice in some places though, but the title screen was bad... I think something other than an NES contra screengrab would have worked better.
  16. Veddge

    What do you regret making in your .wads?

    I don't regret alot of the maps I've made or things in them. I'm glad I never released alot of them though, since so many were noobish and terrible by my standards today. Like my unfortunate Air Craft Carrier map :/
  17. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #202

    Zpong is amazing? How was it possible to get the script running on a monitor? I think this idea could be put to use in some very novel ways in Doom, creating some very unique situations. Maybe you control a crane in the next room over, from a monitor and move a box... maybe you have to control a sentry bot on a monitor and make the bot find it's way through a gas infested room.
  18. Veddge

    Build Me a Level Worthy of Mordor

    I'm still waiting for a "Make as Sector" type of tool, where when it is used in an enclosed set of lines, it will turn that enclosure into a new sector so I don't have to redraw over all the lines to tall doombuilder that I want it to be a new sector number.
  19. Veddge

    Imp TC - updated

    I'm concerned... you want the weapons graphics modified to have imp hands, as if the imp is using guns? I'm sorry but this smells like another Doom rampage dilemma, poor execution and immersion in an interesting concept.
  20. Veddge

    An uncomplete wad thing of mine

    Too bad, after playing Grove I had real high hopes for more projects from you. I supose though, a unfinished release beats an un-release any day of the week.
  21. Veddge

    Doom Movie Casting

    Company that killed you family? I think I lose a little more faith in this movie every day. :/
  22. Veddge

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    A very nice review. Touching on the ups and downs of the game. I would expect nothing less from Doomworld ;)
  23. Veddge

    Do the Doom... Movie

    This movie will probably be really scary. Not scary from horror mind you, scary from being so bad ;)
  24. Veddge

    Get Your Ass To Mars!

    I drove to the West Lebanon Best Buy today and picked up my copy. Enjoying every minute of it so far... and hoping Doom3 won't cut into my regular Doom playing and mapping too much ;)
  25. Veddge

    Scuba Steve's Must Play Wads, for Newbs

    I would have recommended the WolfenDoom series.