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Everything posted by Veddge

  1. Veddge

    RTC 3057 Hub 1 Ready to Go

    Wow! This wad is stunning! The architecture is phenomenal, and the scripting is done perfectly. There is a bit more reading involved than I care to do in a game (wondering about Doom 3 too)... but fortunately the logs weren't required reading to play/enjoy this hub. Nice work guys :)
  2. Veddge

    Doom 3 Hit By Software Patents

    Did Creative use this questionable patent to force id into supporting EAX? If so... they would have had to take this up with id months ago in order to make the final build of the game right?
  3. Veddge

    anime TC?

    Has anyone ever tried making a Doom project that was cel shaded? An anime project might look really awesome like that :)
  4. Veddge

    Heh. (Doom3 on Real Life)

    Haha I love Real Life. I just read that earlier today. Taking a page from the McDuck fortune as a punch line.
  5. Veddge

    what is your favorite wad editor of all time?

    Since Doombuilder came out, I can't go back to using any other map editors. The 3d mode is especially helpful, and a big timesaver.
  6. Veddge

    CQIII Texture WAD Completed

    Are there any levels finished or screenshots to see?
  7. Veddge

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    Wow, I can't believe it's here. It feels a little surreal that I will have a copy of Doom 3 in a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to this, I've been waiting for quite some time for this ;)
  8. I really enjoy listening to some of the Konami music, like Castlevania when dooming.
  9. Veddge

    Chaos Unleashed

    Chrs Lutz is simply amazing. I really enjoyed his Caverns of Darkness. All his maps run with any limit removing port don't they?
  10. Veddge

    Funny gun ideas

    Instead of wacky weapons, has anyone tried making unique weapons? What I mean is, has anyone tried making new ideas besides just shotguns, rocket launchers and machine guns?
  11. Veddge

    Scary Doom levels

    I played this wad a while back, and I can't remember the name. It ran kindof slow because of alot of trees. I do rememebr that the wad was very, very scary feeling. Almost surreal, or like a dream.
  12. Veddge

    Ashun Ashun Ashun Ashun Doom!

    Just played action doom. Really fun and creative, but VERY hard. The new sprites are beautiful adn the levels are very fun.
  13. Veddge

    dumbs you HATED to play

    Anyone here ever played Solomon's Key for the NES? I hate that game the music is terrible and everything about it is bad.
  14. Veddge

    Doomworld Needs More ACTION!

    Wait, there was a t-shirt contest?
  15. Veddge

    Doom 3 on 08/03/04?

    So what are the chances of this being the real release date?
  16. Veddge

    Action Doom

    I love the trailer on the site. Are the three screenshots the only ones available?
  17. Veddge

    Which monster's weapon would you use?

    What if you wore the archvile's hands like gloves and could perform his attacks? I think that owuld be both fun and morbid ;)
  18. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #186

    Wow, castle nevermore is really awesome! alot of fun secrets and a good castle feeling to it!
  19. Veddge

    On a Rampage

    I guess I feel like DRE is lacking a bit, but it's not too bad. Maybe the author will take everything said about his work and use it to make DRE2 that much better.
  20. Veddge

    Favorite full weapons replacement

    Where can I find Hacx, Action Doom, and Locked and loaded? I didn't see them in the archive thing.
  21. Veddge

    Best NES 2D games.

    Mario 3 would probably have to be my favorite. I just can't overlook great games like Super C and Punch Out. Punch out might be the only sports game I really enjoy ;)
  22. Veddge

    What's your favorite Monster

    I really liked specters, they were really handy in making ambushes and for use in dark corridors. It was pretty frantic shooting at shapes moving in the dark.