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  1. I turned 18 today. My parents took me out to eat at the Three Stallion Inn, I absolutely love their fettuccini alfredo. I got burnout 3 for my XBox which is really fun :)

    I also am trying to decide which colleges to attend in the fall. I thought I might go to The University of Vermont or maybe Albany. I want to study graphic design and I hear that both schools have a decent design program. I'm leaning towards UVM since I don't know if I can afford the out of state tuition.

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    2. Veddge


      It's a really nice city, it's right on Lake Champlain. It has that little big town feel to it, and alot of old architecture too.

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      Scuba Steve

      Bastard! You stole my thunder!

      So the college is located on the beautiful 6th great lake huh Veddge?