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  1. Veddge


    MyHouse Excited to finally release this tribute map. Last August I lost a good childhood friend of mine and took it pretty hard. When I was visiting my hometown for his funeral, I connected with his parents who shared with me some of his old belongings. Among them was a copy of an old map of his backed up on a 3.5” floppy from high school. Thomas and I were into amateur Doom mapping in the early 00s but I had never seen this map of his prior to uncovering it on one of the old floppy discs. As a way of paying tribute to him and all the great memories we had together, I took the plunge and installed Doom Builder in order to polish up his map and add a few modern amenities just for convenience sake. I haven’t touched an editor in over 15 years so it was quite a surprise to find out how easy mapping has become. I may have gotten a little carried away with these new UDMF features and, as such, the map is designed for GZDoom. From the text file: Doom 2 - GZDoom, hardware renderer 1 map: Not much of a challenge and roughly 10 minutes of play time. All difficulty settings implemented. Jumping & crouching disabled, freelook is fine Lots of Doomcute! Making maps of your house was all the rage back-in-the-day, but I feel like this is a pretty adorable and detailed tribute to my friend and a great way to share something of him with a community we loved. Miss you, Tom. Download myhouse.wad Screenshots:
  2. Playing this mod leaves the player feeling very uneasy. What was your motivation? During the process, did you ever feel like the map had a mind of its own... like you were just a guiding force in the editor, but the map... took over? Sorry, playing your map just left me feeling uncomfortable at times... maybe that was the point though.
  3. Veddge

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    For the past couple months, I've had increasing difficulty sleeping. I don't realize it, but I'm staying up far later than I should and when I do sleep, it's restless and unfulfilling. It all started around the time I tried to finish a tribute map to someone I lost recently in my life.
  4. Veddge

    Opening Shots

    Batman Doom has some incredible opening shots, especially when you consider it was 1999 Map14: Gotham Tunnel Map16: Scarecrow Map22: Axis Industries Map30: Bane (Simple but effective)
  5. Veddge

    Can you rotate floor and ceiling textures?

    I think this can only be done if you use the UDMF map format (ATM machine, I know!). I started playing with this feature and got a little carried away...
  6. Veddge

    Let's talk about your week

    I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. For most of my life I could just put my head on my pillow and fall asleep, but lately I find myself lying in bed staring into the darkness. What’s the opposite of claustrophobia? I can’t explain it, but when the lights are out, I’m paralyzed by thoughts of emptiness while seemingly trapped in a void from which I will never escape. What’s worse is my overactive imagination that takes over and says, “but are you really alone?” If I’m being honest, I think cleaning up maps from my friend who passed away is leaving me feeling a little lonely.
  7. Veddge

    Places to upload WADs

    Sure, I get that, I was more interested in knowing if there have been any negative feelings towards individuals who borrow from the greater community but choose not to give back.
  8. Veddge

    Places to upload WADs

    I’m preparing my map for release and I wanted to create the text file to accompany the map in the zip file, but I was curious about the licensing and distribution aspect of wads. I was using the Doomworld text file generator and came to this question, “Allow adaptations of your work to be shared?” I haven’t publicly released anything I’ve made before, and normally I don’t think it would bother me, but the map is really personal and I would prefer people not make modifications and rerelease it. How taboo is it to release a map and check the box “Please don’t modify?” Is there a stigma attached to works and authors who don’t share with the greater community? Also, how often do people ever make modifications of existing works and release them?
  9. Veddge

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    I haven’t logged into the forums in over a decade, but a close childhood friend of mine passed away recently and I decided to go through some of the Doom stuff we were making when we were kids. The hardest part was recovering the wads from my old 3.5” floppy disks! It took me a few hours, but I managed to recover some files from the late 90s when we were making maps. Most of it is completely forgettable, but apparently my friend was making a “my house” map around 1999. In his honor, I’ve been cleaning up his map for release and adding some ZDoom/UDMF features for the sake of convenience. I haven’t touched an editor for almost 15 years… but boy, is it a lot easier to make maps today than it was in the 90s!
  10. Veddge

    Sony Math (ps3 availability at launch)

    I don't want to buy a Playstation 3, but I still have some reserves about the Nintendo Wii. I don't know how well I will enjoy using a glorified power glove (Extremely glorified ;) as the controller, and how well it will work. We shall see shortly ;)
  11. Wow, that's a lot of id meterial! Are there specific things you're looking for that are particularly hard to come by?
  12. Veddge

    World Trade Center

    The film doesn't look particularly intriguing.I probably would have gone to see it if it was a critical film about the dichotomy between poor response of major government organizations (FAA, President, Pentagon) and the outstanding work of individuals doing their jobs (Air Traffic Controllers, Civil Servants).
  13. Veddge

    KDIZD July 4th release?

    I hope you guys learned that the anticipation for KDIZD has increased more since you stopped your silly ads and promotional stuff :P
  14. Interesting, I look forward to seeing more about this Kaiser :)
  15. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #283

    Hmm, a bit weak but I suppose Catharsis is decent.
  16. Off the top of my head, I can only think of a few... Foreverhood KDiZD Void 2 RTC-3057 ...and the always in development, Mordeth ;) Foreverhood looks to be really unique, something I am really looking out for. Cyb posted some shots a while back of Void 2, and it looked neat, I always did enjoy Void 1, and RTC is always worth waiting for.
  17. Veddge

    Custom Weapons Thread - New Plasma-gun

    WOW! Some truly phenomenal stuff here. I hated the Doom movie, but I love the rendition of the BFG. If I start a new project in the near future I know who to get in contact with :)
  18. Veddge

    [Released] Sapphire

    I just played Sapphire and it looked decent, but I guess I agree with many of the people here it was a bit bland. Rarely did an area stand out as unique, the level played well but the GZdoom effects seemed to try and cover up for bland architecture.
  19. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #274

    Gunsmith Cats has some interesting concepts... but otherwise not particularly noteworthy.
  20. I like, it would be nice if it came with a decorate lump so it could be used, and yes, I know this is just supposed to be a gfx set.
  21. I can't wait for the release ;)
  22. Veddge

    Simplicity Cancelled

    Is this a joke or not? I really don't want to see Simplicty 2 canceled, the first was so entertaining!
  23. Veddge

    The /newstuff Chronicles #272

    Phobia is amazing, it really shows off the hidden potential of Legacy. 3D floors are used to great lengths without seeming forced. Also the 'Fate of Atlantis' type "Brains/Brawn" paths are a creative way to extend longevity. Great Work Kristus!
  24. Veddge


    I'm curious how many people on this board are members of a band? Vocals, guitar, drums... accordion? The closest I've come is tromebone in school :P If anyone is, do they have any of their music available for download and listening pleasure? I suppose too, if you're not part of a band you could still be a musician so you could share that as well :)
  25. Veddge

    ZDoom or not ZDoom?

    I think you need to think really hard about exactly WHAT you are attempting to accomplish with your project. Making a project for ZDoom is not a bad choice... but if you chose to do so, take advantage of what it offers otherwise what is the point? If you only use zdoom to put in a few slopes or some particle fountains, I would suggest just making it boom compatible. I'll bet most people in this community don't care what port someone uses, so long as the end result uses the port to its potential.