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  1. ILuvDoomguy

    Issue with importing PNGs

    Thanks for the tips. I haven't quite gotten it working yet... but I'll try again after my shift. This seems like something that should be simple, but for some reason it just isn't working. I think I'll try dissecting a PWAD that has replacement keys with SLADE to see how they did it because now my replacement keys aren't showing up at all (they're invisible). I had an idea for a wad, but I need to get this figured out before I get to work on the other graphics. edit: I just noticed that the PNGs I grabbed from Freedoom's github are indexed. Will try converting them with GIMP to non-indexed. edit2: It's super-weird that it is so hard to do this. Making the images non-indexed did not work, and it bothers me knowing that I can load other PWADs that have blue stuff in the images that work the way I would ideally want my stuff to work. I even tried using doom2.wad with the freedoom keys and it still doesn't work. It's fucking bullshit when you do everything you are supposed to do, including the stuff in the manuals, and it still doesn't fucking work. It's not like I'm trying to modify Brutal Doom so the weapons will autoswitch when they are empty; putting blue graphics on greyscale is something that sounds so easy that even a retard should be able to accomplish it. Maybe it would be easier to just batch modify all of the graphics in the base games instead of what I'm trying to do. Fuck this noise... Yeah, maybe I'll just individually modify every single motherfucking graphic file for doom2.wad... edit3: Maybe I'm the idiot, but I really don't see why or how I can use the same tools as everyone else and be unable to replicate their results while doing exactly the same things they are doing. I'm scrapping the plans for my wad and now I'm just going to try making a Social Justice Warrior wad out of the Moonman wad, where you can play as a member of BLM or Antifa and kill a bunch of white people.
  2. ILuvDoomguy

    Issue with importing PNGs

    So I'm kinda new to the whole editing thing, so I thought I'd try an experiment with SLADE, just to see if it is possible. My goals: 1. Make a wad with a modified palette with the blue colors (only) converted to greyscale; other colors remain in original Doom format (success) 2. Make a wad with blue keycards and skull keys and retain their blue color so I can see them more easily with the modified palette (failed) I'm starting with this relatively simple experiment because I'm trying to understand how to get png images with their original colors into a wad while ignoring the palette. I know it's possible, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. (I'm an ultra-noob to Doom editing, but we all have to start somewhere, right?) Would I have to do something like defining the keys as new entities of some sort and then somehow replace the old keys with the new ones? It would be nice if there was a simple way to just override the existing sprites. I should probably read the instructions for SLADE... this is obviously not a program someone can just jump into. Note: The keys are swiped from freedoom and in PNG format, so I imagine they won't care if I use them for this purpose. I'm also using gzdoom to view the final product.
  3. I'd use the Doom movie as inspiration, with Karl Urban starring as Doomguy.
  4. ILuvDoomguy

    Craziest, most insane doom wads?

    This is actually pretty fun and amusing so far. Only completed the first map. As a side note, I've started using the aim assist mod when playing a lot of wads because I'm lazy. Now instead of just having the built-in vertical aim assist, I have horizontal aim assist as well. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=62895
  5. I noticed that he didn't put any spices on any of that bland white people food. Where is the Lawry's Seasoned Salt? /troll On a more serious note, that meal would be disgusting and unhealthy regardless of who was eating it.
  6. This will probably sound disgusting to a lot of people, but as an alternative to eating fast food like hamburgers, I'll make some beef or chicken broth with bouillon (or if I'm feeling lazy I'll buy some bone broth) and make oatmeal with it. I started doing this once I realized that my favorite part of KFC was actually the breading and not the chicken itself. I think KFC's chicken actually tasted better back in the day when they used to torture their chickens and gave them growth hormones. I know this probably sounds like poor people food, but it's actually really filling and somewhat healthy (unlike a lot of other poor people foods), and it satisfies that urge to waste money on junk food without actually wasting too much money. I also sometimes use granulated beef bouillon instead of salt when I make french fries (added after frying and while on a dinner plate, of course, for safety). It reminds me of McDonald's fries from my childhood, before they went woke and started making vegan fries. The bouillon probably has a slightly lower sodium content that straight salt.
  7. ILuvDoomguy

    Craziest, most insane doom wads?

    Lately I've been feeling a little bit bored, so I've been looking up and playing the craziest and most insane Doom wads and mods I could find. So far I've found the following: 1. Brutal Doom (kinda not so edgy nowadays after Doom 4 and Doom 5 "borrowed" a few ideas from it) 2. Grezzo 2 (this one could probably have been called Schizo Doom) 3. Trump Doom 4. Moonman Doom (combined with Trump Doom it feels like the ultimate stereotypical Trump supporter package since it turns the enemies into minorities and liberals) Anyone got any other suggestions?
  8. ILuvDoomguy

    unpopular retro opinions

    I thought Duke Nukem Forever was an excellent game, better than Duke Nukem 3D.
  9. ILuvDoomguy

    What are you playing now?

    I'm replaying Going Down. Gonna try Ancient Aliens next since it's being mentioned here.
  10. ILuvDoomguy

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    I don't know if this was mentioned yet, but I thought it was an absolutely fascinating jokewad: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=59415 (No Ultra-Violence: An Anti-Gore Mod) It kinda makes me think of this: Edit: That mod gave me an idea for a relatively simple jokewad, demaking the beginning of Doom 2016 in Episode 1 but instead making it seem like Doomguy is having a psychotic break in a doctor's office at a mental institution before Doom starts properly, and then change the ending slightly so it seems like Doomguy teleports to a well lit padded room with orderlies beating him up until he passes out. I never made a mod before, so this will be a learning experience for me.
  11. ILuvDoomguy

    If you could time travel and make your own Doom 1...

    I tried replaying ep 3 earlier today and ended up ragequitting because I couldn't remember how I used to beat the maps back in the day. I also ran out of ammo and got swarmed by demons. Several times. Too many times. Episode 1, I think, is still the best of Doom 1, and I don't think that is just nostalgia talking.
  12. ILuvDoomguy

    If you could time travel and make your own Doom 1...

    ...I usually play wads on the "hurt me plenty" mode. I don't really ever experiment with the other ones. edit: I always thought the Icon of Sin as it was in Doom 2 was pretty lame. Brutal Doom (v21) and Doom Eternal both did it better. edit 2: Imagine a Boiled Doom back in 1993...
  13. ILuvDoomguy

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    I just make a link on my desktop to gzdoom, then I make copies of that and change the target to something like "C:\gzdoom\gzdoom.exe PWAD.wad/PWAD.pk3"
  14. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, one day some dude with a magic DeLorean showed up at your door and offered you the opportunity to travel to 1992 and release your version of "Shareware Doom" and "Ultimate Doom" before ID could, what would you put in your game? Note: must be DOS compatible because, well, it's 1992. If it were me, I'd take the assets from Freedoom, use the maps from Episode 1 of Doom, combine them, and release that. Then when revealing the full game, instead of having 3 additional episodes, there would just be two episodes, Chapter 1: "Shareware" (probably renamed something else for the official release) and Chapter 2: Going Down (obviously swiping the maps and scripts and whatnot from that megawad), with the latter functioning as an additional 32 maps, but with an easy mode that didn't completely obliterate the casual player (or I could just add cheats like the ones Doom has). I would also use a boom source port made for DOS. I would call the game "Ultimate Slayer". Would people actually like this game? I don't know... (Is it possible to make something like that as a PWAD for Doom 2?)