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  1. LoatharMDPhD

    Post a picture of yourself!

    The night i bought my 1992 Audi 100 S... what a brilliant piece of mechanical engineering. The European spec of an Audi 5000 sold in Canada, imported to New York State, then 19 years later i got her from a used car lot on the north side of chicago for $1200, 1550 after tax title tags, new tyres and a tank o 93. plenty of problems with her but in the end she was a tank. made from philly to chicago and back again and only broke down once each way. First was me spinning out and cracking a sway bar, and on the return my alternator went. had to limp from Brookville, PA to Punxetawny with only reserve battery power, in the snow. Eventually got the generator rebuilt and made it back on the road. that was 10 years ago...
  2. LoatharMDPhD

    What frontend loader do you prefer?

    Kyocera I just type everything into the BASH terminal.. loatharmd@bivalve:~$ gzdoom -file EXMAS.WAD Isabelle.pk3 -skill 2
  3. LoatharMDPhD

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    // "Stares Back silently" ...
  4. // Baby it's cold outside...

  5. LoatharMDPhD

    What would be the worse game universe to be stuck in?

    // Mt. Doom in New Zealand ?
  6. LoatharMDPhD

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    // all my maps are psychotic... hic sunt draconis....
  7. LoatharMDPhD

    Do you do any drugs?

    // Let me grab my Prescription pad...
  8. cool beans guys! i'm a brew up a fun map too with these texs and goodies! Third Exclamation Point! seasons greetings ya'll
  9. .. so lets see what happens when i load EXMAS with BFDW2.wad .. ... this is fantastic...
  10. now that's what i call a fun map and not a decent into dread! Nice work amigo! really like the thrown room with the crusher fence. bambi mode
  11. //that archville just pushed my shit in...
  12. LoatharMDPhD

    Looking for a specific MIDI, as I cannot find it anywhere...

    anybody got a midi of the soviet national anthem?
  13. LoatharMDPhD

    do you use cheats in doom?

    // They aren't Cheats if You Call Them 'Developer Tools'...