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  1. updated version, got linedef count below 1000 to 999, replaced all flesh textures and fixed a bug where I had forgotten to add line actions to a door download: https://www.doomshack.org/uploads/tribute-quilt-2-amiga-angel-map02-updated.wad there is a player 1 start in this version please delete it, I placed one to test the square and forgot to remove it
  2. @ViolentBeetle my square is done ( map02 ) https://www.doomshack.org/uploads/tribute-quilt-2-amiga-angel-map02.wad
  3. current state of my map 02 square update... todo doublecheck textures, add doors, tags and actions, add monsters and items
  4. ok cool and thanks and again I apologize :) @ViolentBeetle is it ok with you if I make map 02 instead?
  5. sorry about that, my bad... no problem though because I can always use what I made some other time.. I will get started on map 03 instead.. again.. sorry for causing confusion
  6. can I use switches instead of locks? working on the area in map02 with the bars that are normally lowered by a red key
  7. ok thanks, Can I use crispydoom to test? complevel 2 looks like its vanilla doom 2 yes?
  8. looked like it was free but sign me up to the lowest numbered available map
  9. Amiga Angel

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I just started this map
  10. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    oh ok sorry about that, didnt notice that
  11. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    a little bit of progress on my map also it has a name now
  12. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    messing about with the textures... the void space with flesh stuff sounded interesting... I made this so far, not sure if this will end up as a complete map or not.. time will tell
  13. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    None that I have found so far based on looking at the textures.
  14. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    there is something weird about panup I would expect PANUPB to be a flipped PANUPA because its not possible to flip textures in MBF from what I know anyway and PANUPA is more usefull because it aligns with the colors of the panels in doom2.wad
  15. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    this project has some pretty cool textures
  16. Amiga Angel

    Das Teufelswad

    This is epic stuff. Good work Lazlo. I have also really enjoyed all your maps from the various RAMPs.
  17. Well, textures can always be scaled up and down in Ultimate Doom Builder if mapping in UDMF
  18. Amiga Angel

    I need help figuring things out (and to vent)

    I can recognize everything you are saying here I don't have any advice regarding the social thing but when it comes to negative thoughts then it helps me to have a kind of mental toolbox that contains guides on what to do when specific negative thoughts enter my mind. It sounds really stupid but it really helps me keep the worst depression and anxiety at bay for the most part anyway
  19. I would suggest to change the rules such that all the maps are to be reinterpreted and not copied directly from the doom 2 iwad... and then I would suggest that all the special stuff gets reworked to a list of stuff that can be put in to a map and then let each mapper select one or two per map or something like that its not allowed to redistribute doom 2 maps in the way this community project suggests in the original post... if you absolutely MUST copy geometry directly from an iwad then I suggest taking a look at the freedoom iwads instead
  20. good stuff, I especially enjoyed Emperor of sand and Roses of rust
  21. it is .. or its a compact version of it... however .. cbm and me plan on making plenty of changes to it this is just cbms island with a compact version of my city and the boat on it at the moment... I wanted to try some things in this map that will make this play very differently from the map I made for d2ico cbm made some car textures and added them to a texture wad ... the wad has 32 in 24 and the new car textures and I am sure cbm would be more than happy to send the wad to you, that would also allow the custom sector cars cbm made to show up correctly on the map also 32 in 24 has lots of city stuff