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  1. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    Love me some Drab
  2. SYS

    Doom Vodka

    Cancel everything and sue the planet
  3. SYS

    Doom Vodka

    Never even knew bone vodka was a thing: https://www.doom.vodka/ Needs a tag line advertisement: "Fight like hell" "Rip and tear your life with Alcoholism" "To win the game you must defeat me - John Romero's liver." "now I'm cooking with gas" "Big Fucking Drunk" "The Underhalls" Doom Comic quips work best with this one me thinks. If there's already a thread on this then I will take one Scolding and a Feel Bad.
  4. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    Japanese Thrash
  5. SYS

    Bitcoin is over $200 per coin

    Lol butt coins amrite
  6. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    All kinds of feels <3
  7. Inb4 "John, have you ever done DMT while designing rocket ships, shooting demons, and programming our reality that is the virtual one while in a float tank?" Seriously though, this is going to be awesome.
  8. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    Eargasm. Incredible guitar solos, bass, melody, percussion. Every 80's movie montage ever distilled into a single piece of music
  9. SYS

    ProJared's career is over.

    Add me to old fart internet crowd that doesn't understand significance of said streamer. I'm contempt with him being Immortalized for being a piece of shit to his wife.
  10. "To own the collectibles you must pay me, John Romero." Exciting news indeed. Shipping is going to kill me if I go through with it.
  11. It's hard to pick. They all got something. He won't play anything older than Dangerous Days in his live sets anymore. Got a chance to see him before he dropped the early stuff from his set list. I was hoping for Sexualizer he would let all the synth run as a sequence and then do a live shred overtop for the guitar solo. But the solo itself was a launched sample / sequence. Was still amazing to see. Got some vinyls at the show and got them signed. Then I had to get all of them. I'm with Dew on Vanta Black and its vocals. It's always a risk trying new things and letting go of what worked before. I think I'll have to go with Uncanny, for Neo Tokyo alone. All the vinyls all of them.
  12. SYS

    Bethesda.net issues

    Looks like they had another cock up. I could really live without Doom Eternal integrating with this platform: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2018/12/05/a-fallout-76-support-glitch-leaked-players-personal-information-for-all-the-world-to-see/amp/