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  1. SYS

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    They will bring them back once engagement dries up. It's really their main purpose. I can't be arsed to panic over time sensitive virtual item cosmetic unlocks. But seeing as there are other games where people throw money at them well... Yeah.
  2. SYS

    Which game currently destroys you?

    How is it a shortcut if you are grinding hours?
  3. They always call me SirIhave Toaskyoutoleave
  4. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    New Carpenter Brut <3
  5. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    Live Samael <3
  6. SYS

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Thread 10 out 10. Would sail again.
  7. Healthy competition is nice to see. Before the Nvidia announcement my 1070 gave the ghost. I grabbed a 2070 super. Could care less about losing out on x performance for y amount of money. I should totally yeet myself for things that weren't even out yet. Great wisdom internet comments.
  8. Eating Dragon meat would feel really bad ass.
  9. SYS

    Best albums of 2020?

    Dan Terminus - Last Call for All Passengers Kadavar - Isolation Tapes Zack Sabbath - Vertigo Dungeon Weed - Mind Palace of the Mushroom God
  10. I'm not old - *cries*
  11. It's irrelevant whether it succeeds or fails. Presumably it's leveraging AWS so they can easily scale it. If they were to bundle it into a Prime Membership like they do with Prime Video, adoption rates for the service would be a no brainer. Twitch Streamers can stream the stream of their game stream as they stream.
  12. SYS

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    Some places where I buy by the slice have hot sauce and Ranch dressing you can dump on it. Using it in lieu or tomato sauce would be kinda nasty. Maybe as an additional condiment like Japanese mayo. Visualizing someone taking scoops of Hellman'e and slathering it across raw dough like marinara is horrifying.