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  1. SYS

    RIP Stadia (Gylt LIVES)

    Death is the satisfaction of desire.
  2. I've only watched the trailer. The lore is starting to get silly, but it's great for merchandising. I've been putting off reading about it. Especially some raging butthurt. Er um, I mean well constructed rational feedback concerning gameplay. Suppose I should give it a spin.
  3. SYS

    How do I get into metal?

    Rather than telling you what you should listen to: Google "most popular Metal bands." Go down the list. From there explore metal sub genres. Dial in your own taste.
  4. Any philosophy / belief system that attempts to embody personal freedom will not limit itself to any genre. It should be as diverse as its adherents. Real or imagined.
  5. SYS


  6. SYS

    Whats So Good About Radiohead?

    I was never into them. In fact have expressed disdain. But people that aren't me get on with it. I saw a meme a while ago about "why is new music so depressing? " and the punchline is Doomer meme listen to radio head. Too funny.
  7. SYS

    Bringing back the Chaingunner

    Chain gunner with chain gun shield mod. Use Plasma to counter the shielding. Spews bullets and belches flame on death.
  8. SYS

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    Did you use Gorilla arms with the fists? Fists are all about the gorilla arms. I got a rare set. Gorilla arms, stamina & health drug buff made that quest line really easy
  9. There's some good picks in this thread already. Maximum Carnage has a rockin soundtrack all through out. It's a decent beat 'em up too. I've mentioned this one before but Spider on PSX has some great tunes. I love the guitar in this one: The guitar riffs and the synth pads just mesh really in this one: SNES shadowrun is already mentioned but I have an infatuation with The Cage Theme: It's sets the part in the game perfectly. You end up in this cyberpunk fantasy nightclub and this band is gigging on stage. It's cheese but I love the progression on the lead line.
  10. SYS

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    The issue that's really eating my ass right now are the Delamin Quests. Episotrophy. Sounds like some wonderful Greek philosophy bullshit. Only I can't accept the calls from the fucking cunt cars. They fixed some other bug where Delamin Avatar would appear for every call in the phone. But now you can't answer the call for each Episotrophy quest to complete them. 1.07 better fix this shit. I've been avoiding the Quests in hopes the patch release to unfuck some other shit will unfuck this quest. Aside from insane shit on the day one release its been rather smooth on the PC. Up until this. My butt hurts and it's leaking. Fix this fucking shit. Also congrats on making a better royalty free song than any industrial band could ever hope to crank out in their entire career