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  1. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    This whole album is tits. Must have if you collect synthwave. This is before the Dance with the Dead remix gaining attention with the CoD games. Felt good to score this album on vinyl.
  2. SYS

    Bad movies that make you laugh

    A Night at the Roxbury is the best worst movie ever. You can't touch it. You will laugh and love it every time, but it's a bad movie. One of my guilty favorite comedies.
  3. Less than the disk can hold. Unless I want to wank to complicated storage it's not such a bad thing. Having your thousands GOG and Steam on your home cache server because home server make PP hard is silly. Unless you're home lab is career helper thing or you just like that sorta thing.
  4. SYS


    Ehh whatever happened to having some quiet time to yourself in the morning and in the evening? Don't need to overthink it, unless you're adept at overthinking :D In which case you just need some quiet time to clear your head and think gratitude or whatever the fuck makes tomorrow better. Don't overcomplicate something relaxing with woo woo shit.
  5. SYS

    RIP Stadia (Gylt LIVES)

    Death is the satisfaction of desire.
  6. I've only watched the trailer. The lore is starting to get silly, but it's great for merchandising. I've been putting off reading about it. Especially some raging butthurt. Er um, I mean well constructed rational feedback concerning gameplay. Suppose I should give it a spin.
  7. SYS

    How do I get into metal?

    Rather than telling you what you should listen to: Google "most popular Metal bands." Go down the list. From there explore metal sub genres. Dial in your own taste.
  8. Any philosophy / belief system that attempts to embody personal freedom will not limit itself to any genre. It should be as diverse as its adherents. Real or imagined.
  9. SYS


  10. SYS

    Whats So Good About Radiohead?

    I was never into them. In fact have expressed disdain. But people that aren't me get on with it. I saw a meme a while ago about "why is new music so depressing? " and the punchline is Doomer meme listen to radio head. Too funny.