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  1. Well even if it's on steam it can do the old "fuck yourself now log into our launcher" after launching it through steam like they do with Ubisoft games.
  2. SYS

    What are you listening to?

    You should see Waveshaper play live if you ever get the chance.
  3. https://v.redd.it/8tq01yqhadx11
  4. SYS

    What Do You Think Of The Doom Slayer?

    They both work, different eras, different universes. Angry Slayer is angry for some reason. Doom marine just wants to survive.
  5. SYS

    Random Video Thread

    Crazy pastor is obsessed with burning buttholes
  6. SYS

    Diablo Immortal

    D2 is still where it's at. Friend of mine doesn't game anymore, but every now and then he will pick up Diablo 2 and play obsessively until the excitement wears off again. I'll end up playing too but I usually get tired of it sooner. Oh this thread was about hating the mobile game. Yeah you don't like it cool, but hurling abuse and trying to one-up those pesky developers and journalists on the Twitter verse just stoke their intersectional political furnaces. There's way more people in China willing to buy and play that game than there are bum hurt Gweilo. They're laughing all the way to bank.
  7. The shitty aspect is all the established grey area dispensaries have to close down. They have to close down and jump through all the new government framework. Not everyone will be able to do so. Some people complain about new workplace policies preventing them from using and having recreational cannabis on their person. It's the same as having alcohol. There's impairment. Not impairment in the same way, but there is. I'm happy the government opted to use a proper vendor for web sales. Usually they use garbage like IBM, who then treats it like a blank cheque. They write a pile of broken garbage that barely works. Then they keep billing the government to fix their own pile of inefficient dogshit. Millions upon millions later over the initial cost, it becomes functional.
  8. Wasn't there one before that where you slash your wrists? Project regrets for me are not finishing some of things I put alot of time into. Even if they end up sucking. Instead of fearing criticism, finish, and release it. Embrace the feedback and make cooler stuff next time around. For hobby / amateur stuff, it's the best way to go starting out. More relevant to released stuff, lack of height variation, less corridors to square rooms, and more interconnected open areas. Better flow.
  9. SYS

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Maybe it will be better than the last one, and maybe it won't. Women can wield guns and shoot things in movies too. Why is this a bug deal? Doom Person is a very deep and complex character with hopes and dreams for a future without Demons.
  10. SYS

    Okay then... how many cells for a rocket?

    You should get less than what is considered fair. Consider it a game balancing usage fee for trying to dump your crappy ammo.
  11. My Steam and GOG backlogs, and most games in general. Couple PS4 games I still have in shrinkwrap. Depression? Existential crisis? Internal rewiring of dopamine reward circuitry? Too early to tell :D
  12. SSG is love, SSG is life.