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Status Updates posted by SYS

  1. My friend sent me a text message today that said "Doom4 screen shots leaked" along with a url. So I went to said url and it opens an image of two guys dressed as firemen having sex. After lolwut upon viewing the image, I picture messaged him goatse back like any mature adult would.

    This has been another quality DoomWorld blog.

    1. Memfis


      lol at the firemen costume part

    2. geo


      I'm shocked it wasn't two skeletons boning.

  2. Here's Origin game keys for things I either have or don't want.
    With the current humble bundle, but figured best way to share them. Get Origin, blow EA, & collect three free games if you saw this first:





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    2. Acid


      SavageCorona said:

      I got all of them. Thanks for some games that are probably shit 90% of the reason being the DRM.

      Burnout doesn't work due to license limits being reached.

      Fuck me, I got free games. Fuck the OP for giving out free games.

    3. SYS


      Ungrateful Cunt face had to PM me to make sure I posted the correct Burnout key for him to attempt to redeem after it didn't work lol.

    4. Acid


      Congratulations, SavageCorona, you're an asshole. Again.

  3. So Vancouver Canucks don't win the Stanley Cup and riots breaks out. Rejects drunk and/or under influence of drugs decide it would be cool to recreate '94. So they riot, start fights, and set shit on fire. I'm glad that my city could be so well represented by complete morons. Yeah it's sarcasm, I will be so melodramatic so as to point it out. My friend has been trapped inside of his work with 60 other people because of tear gas flooding the street. Things are real ugly... glad I could flee when I could. I must be getting old, I'm loathing all the loser morons doing a gross disservice to the city.

    Those responsible,




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    2. 40oz


      Justince said:

      Are you implying the registered users of that forum is somehow an accurate representation of people who don't like sports?

      Well I think it merits some accuracy. It's not like 439 is only in arm's reach of millions.

    3. Justince


      40oz said:

      Well I think it merits some accuracy. It's not like 439 is only in arm's reach of millions.

      Despite the fact that there are some 6 billion and change of people on the Earth? Sure thing dude.

    4. SYS


      myk said:

      Coo... you could send these guys over here to South America. We have a few Canadian company mines that might require this kind of treatment, where we can give them some work!

      Ok deal. We'll send them over in the same fashion that migrants arrive to Canada when they flee their own country and show up on the shores illegally. Just remember that you have to give them a 5 year tax exemption followed by citizenship. And ignore the fact they may have taken part in bloody uprisings before fleeing their country.

      On a serious note with the mining companies, that's a gross injustice. That's exactly the kind of thing that gets completely ignored in our news.

  4. 14 down, 2 more courses to go. 5 weeks left then first year is done.

    It's a crazy ride.

    1. Technician


      What are you trying to achieve to? How old are you? I pictured you being up there.

    2. 40oz


      You can go to college at any point in your life. My Uncle is 51 and went back to his community college to find that his credits were still applicable.

    3. SYS


      Technician said:

      What are you trying to achieve to? How old are you? I pictured you being up there.

      Currently 26, I'm an old fart. No time like the present. Wasn't easy being 24 and having to upgrade my math to get accepted. Age range in the class is from 18-32. So I'm not the most ancient, but pretty close :D. I'd like to be network admin or enjoy the corporate culture life of a large ISP. Program is completely geared towards all that so with alot of determination and perseverance hopefully I can enjoy the fruits of a nice career. Economy isn't in the shitter here, so potential opportunities look good.

      The reality is you typically don't come out of the program and end up being employed as a head honcho admin right away. But there are companies that do hire graduates right after they complete second year. Can only hope I'll be so fortunate but we will see what happens.

      Longterm goal is to have a career and live a legit, clean, comfortable life. Going good so far.

  5. My week of spring break comes to a close. Come Monday it's back to the grind of focus, hardwork, time management, and studying. And not playing Doom during lecture. It happened only once. Yet it was once too many. Was nice being able to relax for the most part during this week. Got a little bit of derp work in as well.

    Monday and Wednesday did extra derp. Monday was what will probably be one of the last few episodes of that Smallvile series. Wednesday was on this series Hellcats which is produced by dude that plays superman on Smallville. Essentially its cheerleaders cheering about stuff which appeals to the teenage girl demographic, and men that enjoy shortskirts.

    Been progressing well in my program. Been through 10 courses thus far, 6 more to go. Then 1st year comes to it's conclusion. If things really go well I might be working for the school during the summer. There will be alot of competition from other students, in spite of there being 8 positions needed. Much rather do that than extra derp for the summer.

    I've also made a frivolous purchase of something I don't really need, but wanted. But seeing as my birthday is fast approaching, it's kind of a self gift: It's a new computer case. They finally started selling this model in North America. Besides all the practical features, it glows like Tron. Now I can be a real toolbag. Essentially the same case but I got the black model:

    Still have some Doom stuff in the wing, including something that should've been finished months ago but I've either been too busy, or when there's an opportunity, too lazy.

    tl dr; Life's on track and I'm feeling great.

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    2. SYS


      DuckReconMajor said:

      My break ended a week ago so my sad back to school days are over. Suck it down. The despair and sorrow, that is.

      It's far from Doom and gloom. Oh wait I'm on Doomworld :D, I don't see it that way at all. It's back to making progress towards a goal, and actually achieving something that isn't on a console or Steam. *SNAP* Guess I'm just full of positivity and motivation.

      DuckReconMajor said:

      Also, Doomworld seems to be replacing 'prostitution' with 'derp'

      Bwahaha. Extra work might as well be extra derp. You get paid to derp. If you're a real pretentious self important cocksucking douche, you prefer the title "Background Performer".

      Lüt said:

      Also, your video's in German.

      Indeed, it was one of the first posted showcase on the subject. Language barrier is preferable to a pasty kid reading off a piece paper with a squeaky voice completely monotone and devoid of enthusiasm. It's all expository narrative anyhow. Showcase/unboxing videos never actually highlight bad things about a product :D

    3. GreyGhost


      That case wouldn't look out of place in an old episode of "Doctor Who", especially with the red Leds on. Until I noticed a discreet black lead snaking out the back of the case I was wondering if those Leds were powered by fresh air.

    4. SYS


      Yeah it wouldn't seem out of place amongst the Strogg either. Came in the mail yesterday, real Behemoth this one. Each side panel must weigh at least 4 lbs.

  6. Yesterday I was enroute to visit a friend downtown. Beggars are a typical site, especially in high volume pedestrian areas. Once in a while I do I feel inclined to give 'em a quarter or whatever. So this bum was on his kness holding a crude cardboard sign which read "Food?" On the ground was an apple and some change. I decided to give him a bag of honey roasted peanuts I had in my pocket.

    Then he was all like "HEY! I CAN'T EAT THESE!" and then he threw the bag. At first I thought, "Wow what an asshole." Then I thought, "He must be allergic to peanuts." So moral of pointless blog posting, "Never give a hobo peanuts."

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    2. SYS


      Technician said:

      Mental retardation and criminal records.

      Don't forget drug addiction. It's probably the biggest reason for the problem here. People of all walks of life, just completely ravaged by it. It really didn't help that the government decided to close down the mental hospital and let all the crazies free. They just contributed to the problem of junkies getting fucked up and committing property crimes.

      Let police be the mental health workers.

      Technician said:

      You know, I've read the title of this thread as "Never Give a Hobo Penis" once or twice.

      If you're going to do that you might as well replace the b in hobo with an m and get it over with.

    3. DuckReconMajor
    4. Sharessa


      He wasn't perchance, going in slow motion, was he?

  7. tl dr; Little difference between 800mhz and 1066mhz RAM timings.

    So what's the difference between running my DDR2 RAM at 800mhz VS 1066mhz? Hardly anything at all.

    Super Pi @ 1 million: 23 seconds for both speeds.

    3DMark @ 800: 14040

    3DMark @ 1066: 14073

    Nothing to scream about. I'm Currently running 2x2GB modules. I have an additional set of 2X2GB modules that I removed because I couldn't get them stable @ 1066. I realize now that the difference is negligible. I could've just left the modules in and clocked all 8GB at 800mhz and enjoy the stability.


    1. Technician


      POTGIESSER said:


    2. Maes


      Amen, brother. Amen....err I mean "derp".

    3. SYS


      Managed to pass Memtest @ 1066 with 4 modules only for it to crash.

      With 8gb @ 800 super pi remained at 23 seconds. 3dmark went up a bit:

      Which makes it all the more derp.

      Starting to get a little dusty in there. Ram slots all loaded with G.SKILL F2-8500CL5D. Been enjoying the somewhat visible 640GB WD Caviar Black as OS drive for some time now:

      Next we have a pointless mood lighting shot. The exhaust fan ended up crapping out shortly after. Light's up but fan no longer spins. Got a suitable 140mm fan to replace it. I also unplugged the dual 60mm jet engines from hell. Going to get a PCI bracket fan controller. Crank those bitches way down.

      Nocturnal shot of Logitech G110 and Coolermaster Sentinel:

  8. tl dr; Was at a lake, life shit.

    Extended Novel Edition:

    Yesterday I got back from Paska Lake. Was a great weekend. Paska is an Aboriginal name or word of sorts. It's also means shit in Finnish. Which is also how you can tell the Finnish Canadian Hunting and Fishing Club had a sense of humor when they chose a cabin there.

    A friend of my brother is in the club and he booked it for his 30th birthday. Invited a bunch of people. Was good times. Only so many could stay in the cabin so there was a tent city setup around it. There was also a sauna, which complimented swimming in the cold water of the lake. The lake itself was relatively paska. Had fish in it, but it was pretty small, and couldn't have been deeper than 18 Feet at it's deepest point.

    Went out on the rowboat, no luck in scoring fish.

    In other news I got my transcript from my Math course. I failed it miserably the first time around and just barely got what I needed the second time around. I'm quite retarded when it comes to Math; though residents of Doomworld will likely argue I'm just plain retarded. The purpose was so I can take this Computer Information Systems Technician course. With hopes of achieving something beyond the realm of mediocrity careerwise. This in the face of "The sky is falling, IT is a dead sector, you've better luck selling your ass on craigslist" level of cynicism.

    I've also a pile Doom maps, that are more or less unfinished turds. I'm unsure of what to do with them aside from the obvious notion of completing them. I'm somewhat tempted to send them off to that great Recycling Bin in the sky.

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    2. SYS


      Well if you Aspie in front of videogames for a living, do the games get progressively shittier? Or is the review format simply that of the same old shit?

    3. Maes


      He would probably reply that you have no fucking idea what fucked up shit this fucked up shit is. It fucks up the shit, shits up the fuck, and all in all, is like some anal diarrhea poop dookie crap shit coming out of a roadkill rhinocerus rotten dead asshole being eaten up by a volture, then shat again, and eaten again by some fucked up roadkill dead rat.

      Oh and sorry for hijacking your thread.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Usually the tl;dr comes last.

      Also never throw away your map scraps. Keep them in a scraps folder and re-use areas you like later. I have made at least one map entirely from scraps and it turned out p well.

  9. It's been ages since I did a blah blah blah about a metal show I went to.

    tl;dr Edition:

    -Alestorm was fuckin incredible. Their vocalist, I've never seen a more shitfaced Scotsman in my life. He was crowd surfing briefly during Eluveitie whilst wielding a 26'er of Jack Daniels.

    -The vocalist of Belphegor sounds exactly like the Cookie Monster when he talks in between songs. Which is ultra lulzy, because he's attempting to sound all demonic/evil/Satanic.

    -Sexy bartender gave me her email address. :D

    -Eluveitie were amazing live. Had a brief chit chat after the show with the ladies of the group. They happened to step out for a smoke. Asked them about the meaning of Inis Mona. Supposed to be some teeny island where Druids would receive their training.

    -Friends who rent a limo just to go to a metal show, are good friends to have.


    1. AirRaid


      Alestorm are still playing? Awesome. Where was this?

    2. 40oz


      POTGIESSER said:

      -Sexy bartender gave me her email address. :D

      You're not gettin any with that.

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Aw, you saw Belphegor? Fucking rad. I think anyone who wants to put on some sort of "grim" metal persona has to take themselves with a grain of salt, because when you take an objective step back it looks ridiculous :P

      I saw Arch Enemy a few weeks ago, incredibly tight and precise, those Amott brothers can really play. One of the best shows I've seen, almost as good as Morbid Angel and Carcass.

      Seeing Lamb of God (for the... third? time), Devildriver (for the 4th or 5th time) and Shadows Fall (first time) next Friday. Pretty keen for that show.

      People seem to be pretty impressed with Portal lately, they are locals in my city, play all the time, there's a show on tonight infact. I'm mates with and used to work for their record label.

  10. 1.New comp:

    Yeah the wiring job looks like shit. I look at it this way. No side window, so I don't care what it looks like once the panel is put back on. The top exhaust was red LED so I removed the two black stock fans and added Red LED fans thoughout. They photograph kinda orange but look very red in person. Quick spec lowdown: AMD 940 BE, 512mb 4870, 4GB DDR2 1066 RAM.

    2.Girlfriend called it quits and I went into a period of self wallowing.

    3. Met a chick through a platonic female friend. She's expressed interest in me and invited me out to her party.

    4. Got back into the habit of going to the gym. The endorphin release is great. Try it sometime.

    5. Going to try welding. A friend is being gracious enough to give me a crash course in it. Going to see how I like it and if I could handle doing it professionally.

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    2. Technician


      printz said:

      Screenshots look like Doom 3.

      At first glance I thought he was going to talk about his new found love for Doom 3 moding.

    3. Creaphis


      printz said:

      Screenshots look like Doom 3.

      Haha, I thought so too.

    4. RestlessRodent


      Looks like you used mountain mode instead of flower mode on your camera. I also thought it looked like Doom 3 also!

  11. As you've probably learned by now my friends decided to get me extremely drunk for my birthday. Fed me Crown Royal non stop to the point of no return. It was too late by the time they realized I had to be cut off. My tolerance is not what it used to be. I loathe my former days of excessive drinking. Last night was just a real affirmation of that. It serves no function aside from raging idiocy.

    I can't yield anything positive from that state of consciousness. For the most part I've cut my drinking to a bare minimum. Even then when I do I'll have a couple at most. Last night was ridiculous. There's no humor in it.

    At least any for me personally. It's quite pathetic and I'm glad that I've developed enough to realize it in it's true capacity. I currently have alot of positive things going for me, so that's where my focus has been centered. That induced idiocy never has and never will serve me as a positive outlet for anything.

    1. printz


      I don't know whether it's really wrong or shameful to get too drunk once, especially on a birthday. Unless I skimmed and missed a point.

    2. Coopersville
    3. lupinx-Kassman


      It is okay to get a little drunk once and a while. I am assuming that Potgiesser got completly hammered far beyond his personal limit, and that he doesn't want to do that again.

  12. There's is more than the typical shit to reflect that I turn 24. My GF told me today, "I'm so glad that your mother got so horny that she was willing to shit you out of her vagina!"

    Easily the most complementing I've ever heard a chick talking about me ever in any respect.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. esselfortium


      Damn, I was expecting a thread on how great this season is.

      Happy birthday anyway, though!

    3. Csonicgo


      esselfortium said:

      Damn, I was expecting a thread on how great this season is.

      Happy birthday anyway, though!

      Are you serious?

      Fun fact: my local station at 2 am plays reruns of 24 under the name "Jack Bauer Power Hour".

    4. Ralphis


      Jack Bauer Son

  13. Been a while since I seen some live metal. Some good 'ole thrash - Destruction. Originally scheduled at the shittiest venue for a metal show The Plaza. Thankfully moved to the Red Room. Destruction hadn't played a gig here since 2002 with Kreator. Although there's a weird rumor they unexpectedly did a show at the Cobalt one year. Cobalt is this stereotypically scummy bar where all the local metal bands typically do their gigs.

    I think it's unfeasible that Destruction would've done a show there unless they did one while in town before yesterdays show as a surprise. The other theorem would be that they happened to be visiting the city on vacation or something and borrowed instruments from a local band to do a surprise gig or something. Nevertheless, rumors are just that.

    Outside before the doors opened; there was this dude presumably on psychedelics of some kind asking people for tokes of marijuana sacrament. Then he held out his arms and screamed, "I AM THE PROPHET OF THE GODS!!" Must've been on some good shit. He was easily pacing back and forth throughout the entire venue during the show. Obviously in a very different reality then everybody elses. Which was mostly pissed drunk and stoned.

    The opener was a local band that looked like they were still in highschool called "Juvenile Assassins" They were pretty bad, which perplexed me how they ended up on the bill. Even with the lack of support from the crowd I have to commend them for at the very least being up there on stage for a very cool gig. They gave me their album for free and while I appreciate the gesture I think it will stay in it's shrink wrap for quite a while.

    Destruction was all that I thought it would be and more. They did not disappoint. It was really awesome getting a chance to see them rip shit up. They will likely never be back in town ever again.

    1. VileSlay


      I saw them on tour with kreator also. awesome fuckin show. it was the last show I saw lamours in brooklyn before it got shut down again. I think it was a total of ten bands on two stages that night. most of the bands that played were pretty good, but honestly, for the life of me, I can't remember any of the names of the other bands.

  14. - I want to assemble a new midrange computer that I can squeeze 4 years out of. Budgeted around $1100 CDN. Likely go with an AMD Phenom II 940, 4GB 1066 DDR2, and 1GB 4870 GPU.

    - Even with the economy in the shithole, people still need entertainment. Here's to hoping March will be a very busy month for me.

    - It's nice to meet a cool chick and be in an intimate relationship again. It's a nice source of happy that can be channeled elsewhere. (So as long as it doesn't turn to shit in a few months. *knock on wood*)

  15. Got my Climate Action Dividend Cheque in the mail. It's a $100 cheque issued to every resident of British Columbia as way of offsetting the new carbon tax introduced next month. A tax that the taxpayer's of this province had no say in the matter. Some bitch just happens to appear on TV one day back in February telling us we're going to pay it. But to compensate the fact we're all getting fucked longterm here's a $100.

    The hundred bucks is better than a kick in the balls. I'm just pissed at the fact the tax payer had no say at all in the issue. Is it because if we were given the opportunity to vote on it the majority would not be in favor? Fuck yes. But that's what a democracy is supposed to be. Instead of "Enjoy your carbon tax bitches, here's a $100."

    1. deathbringer


      Apparenly Cambridge Council have shelved thier Congestion Charge plan, which surprised me greatley. I've been so used to governments lately deciding to do something, "listening to the people"... then doing what they wanted anyway regardless.

    2. Planky


      The Kyoto agreement is such a bitch.

  16. So Lucy is Diabetic. She had lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. So I brought her in to see what was wrong. Feline Diabetes. So the vet demonstrated to me how to properly handle the needle and draw the insulin from the vial. Getting the air bubbles out is the most annoying part. Then came the injecting part. Saline was used for practice as Lucy had her dose for the day already.

    It was quite easy. It's intramuscular which makes it way easier than intravenous. You just pull up the fur at the top part of the neck and stick the needle into the skin real quick. The vet was quite impressed at my lack of hesitation. She said normally people are really nervous and take forever. Had me considering becoming a veterinarian. I don't think I could stomach the surgical procedures and handle losing patients though. Not to mention biology was never my forte.

    In cases of feline diabetes it's possible for the cat to return to normal and become independent from insulin injections. Hopefully Lucy can be such a statistic.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sharessa


      POTGIESSER said:

      She was around 17 lbs in that photo. Now she's only 9lbs.

      Oh god! She's so fat that she's blotting out the sun!

      (seriously, that is a really dark pic)

      Hope your cat gets better. I like kitties =^.^=

    3. SYS


      Danarchy said:

      (seriously, that is a really dark pic)

      Yeah this digital camera been fucked up for quite some years now. If I use the flash function it overexposes to the point where everything goes super bright white.

    4. Use


      Aw she's cute. I hope she gets better. Sometimes a simple change in quality of diet or feeding times can really imaact these things.

  17. Monday of this week I pulled a 13hr day on the set of Battlestar Galatica. Who really gives a flying fuck, but it made me think of Doom so here the experience is. Yeah surprisingly they decided to uncancel it and do one last season. I ended up as a BDU extra so I got the whole uniform and some ranking pins. I asked the props dude that was handing 'em out what rank it was and he said 3rd from the bottom.

    If only it were star trek it would be alot cooler. But the neatest part of the whole experience was the set itself. Cramped futuristic spaceship corridors, big metal doors with crazy ass fake mag locks on them. Essentially any part of the physical set itself that appears to be metal is either wood or fibreglass. The pipes are simply PVC plumbing pipes from your hardware store. Of course it's all painted and weathered to look like metal. Only real metal was the metal grating on the floor.

    Main area of filming for that day was the "church" area. It looked more like an intergalatic harem for pimps and space hos but I digress. They handed out these prop pamplets which contained writings of show religion mythos. Being bored out of my mind in between a shot setup I actually read all 13 pages.

    The dude that played Dr.Bashir on Deep Space 9 plays Baltar whose supposed to be some prophet. He smokes a cigar and drinks some booze and does a monologue. Then some people shout out crap, they got upgraded to speaking dialogue which gives them a $1000 bucks and a credit towards the BC performers union. Fuckers. lol.

    One of those woulda been nice. Ah well. Then some dudes get into fight and some table slammage occurs. All this over the course of 13 hrs which involved alot of sitting outside in the lot during downtime, drinking pepsi and eating donuts. I regretted not bringing my laptop to map Doom with that day.

    As for Doom, the set made me think of Doom, Doom 3 and even the movie. Then I had a whole wild what if fantasy and I could make my own doom movie. Having alot of downtime there was plenty of time exploring the mental possibility. It was really cool seeing the command center set even though nothing was being shot there, and how awesome it would make for a Haunted UAC mars base. There were prop ammunition boxes lying about and I thought how many bullets they'd be able to hold. Then I saw the explosive boxes and thought rockets.

    I could visualize a horrid barrage of demons coming from all angles. It's what happens to your imagination when you got too much time on your hands.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Sharessa


      Wow, $10/hour? That's as much as I'm making for working at a restaurant for 1 1/2 years. But you're getting lots of overtime, so heh.

    3. SYS


      Yeah the overtime is what makes it worth while. That and the more or less relax nature of the job itself. Been there done that on the slaving away in the restaurant. I've been traumatized by the mountains of food encrusted porcelain and ungodly piles of cutlery. My nostrils burnt by the smell of the industrial strength cleaning chemicals. The seemingly never ending onslaught of dirty dishes, and going home with nothing more than pure mental anguish. More or less all the money is in Serving or bussing. They make more than the cooks in all the tips. Then they bitch "I only made 200 dollars tonight."

    4. Sharessa


      Haha, yeah. Though at Red Lobster, it's just around $60 they make a night on average. Still, that's about a shift's worth of work for me.

  18. A friend of mine was shot dead two days ago. The day he was shot it was on the news but they didn't disclose who he was. Only thing they mentioned was that he was well known to police. Then yesterday they announced his name, city he's from and age. We weren't close friends and I hadn't seen him in quite sometime. I was not surprised of his death, as the life he lead was what brought about his demise.

    He's mentioned in old blog entry here kicking off the mirror of a moving Dodge Viper:


    He was essentially a career criminal more or less. Mostly theft of all kinds, drugs, and the occasional assault. He made many enemies over the years and ultimately paid the price. He didn't die where he was shot so there is still speculation as to what transpired. I suspect either the long list of people he fucked over caught up with him and somebody got payback, or he was shot trying to rob a house or raid a marijuana grow operation.

    Confucius say "Fuck around and get fucked."

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      What goes around comes around.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      I shot your buddy.

    4. AndrewB


      I am truely sorry for your lots.

  19. She told me that she was beginning to really feel for me. She wanted to know now instead of later. For the relationship to continue I had the choice of telling her I felt the same way. Or that I can't commit and it ends right there.

    I'm sure I'll regret it but I'm not at the point in my life where I can have a serious relationship. Not that I didn't love her, I just couldn't take it to that point. We held each other and cried. Talked about all the good times and all the wonderful traits we saw in each other.

    We soaked in every last second together because once we parted that was it. She had tried being friends with her exes before and insisted it doesn't work. We had breakup sex which is a real rarity, followed by more hugging, kissing and sobbing.

    Then we parted.

    /End emo.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. AirRaid


      I still live in the same house with my Ex. We get along great. I could understand how some people might find it hard though.

    3. Sharessa


      I'm friend with most of my exes. Doom.exe is an old friend of mine.

    4. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      I don't have any ex's. I don't know whether that is a good or a bad thing...

  20. I was out on a date with my girlfriend of a month and a half. We went to Anducci's, ate some pasta and then saw Mr.Bean's Holiday. Afterwards we went to Stanley Park for some fornication in the back of her Jeep Grand Cherokee. We found a suitable spot and parked.

    I slipped between the driver and passenger seats into the back and saw it walking around through the side passenger side window. A Caucasian creeper that stood about 5'11 looked to be 180lbs, was wearing a pair of jeans and a darkblue jacket. Looked to be in his 30's. He just walked off and we thought nothing it. She slipped into the back and we went at it. Times passes and suddenly she yells. For a split second I thought maybe she climaxed but it was a yell of the frightened variety. She said somebody was watching us and he ran off.

    We were then pondering how long he might've been watching as we had our eyes shut. We got back into the mood and went at it again. Time passes and then we catch fuckhead again watching us through the back window. My girlfriend lowered the window and screamed "FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE YOU PERVERTED LOSER!" He started to bail again. I quickly zipped up my pants, threw on my shirt, grabbed the club (Steeringwheel anti theft device for those not in the know), and was going to chase after him.

    Humorous enough I know as I'm incapable of committing an act of violence. Sure enough as I opened the door Stephanie starts ranting at me about how she doesn't want me chasing after him and crippling the waste of space. Energy better spent fornicating anyways. Once again back at it then she says "If he comes back I'M going beat him with it." "So you're allowed to hit him but I can't?" I asked.

    She explained that being a chick from a legal perspective she would stand a better chance at assaulting a perverted voyeur creeper then I would. Fair enough I suppose. In spite of Mr.Creepy we managed to have a good time together. I suppose nowadays vehicles without tinted windows are just pervert Peeping Tom buffets. Is porn not good enough for some socially introverted failures at life, that they have to stroll around a dark park @2:15am looking for people having sex in vehicles instead?

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    2. Sharessa


      I actually kind of want to see it. The original show was hilarious. The movie wasn't nearly as good, but I still thought it was pretty funny.

    3. Use


      And now back to unsubstantiated stories, starring Potgiesser!

    4. exp(x)


      Use3D said:

      And now back to unsubstantiated stories, starring Potgiesser!

      Unless the pervert at the park was a reporter working on a story about people fucking there, I don't think you're going to find much proof, regardless of the truth.

  21. In a midst of all the "OH NOES THE DOOMZ IS DYING!" I came up with this crappy piece of creativity. I'm no Weird Al and I couldn't come up with any more verses. Ya got anymore verses to this one, or have a better the community is dying song post it here. Without further banter:

    Wonderful Doom

    *sung to the tune of American Pie*

    A long, long time ago...
    I can still remember
    How that Doom used to make me smile.
    And if we had that newtsuff,
    Life wouldn't feel so tough,
    And, maybe, we'd be happy for a while.

    But #307 made shiver.
    Could KDiZD deliver?
    The thread became a Flamewar,
    They blamed it all on Deathz0r.

    All this mindless Fluff
    something trivial as newtsuff
    It was missing from inside,
    The day doom Died.

    Bye Bye Wonderful Doom,
    Went to the frontpage for the newstuff
    There won't be any soon.
    Them good olde mongs posting in Doomworld.
    Doom has met it's Doom,
    Doom has met it's Doom.

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    2. Technician


      This is out of your character. I demand you yell, smash your fist through your monitor and then bang a Spanish girl you found floating unconscious in a motel pool.

      EDIT: The song is quite cleaver.

    3. printz


      Why haven't you posted this right in the "Why the kdizd hate" thread?! It's dead related to that, and more people would have seen it and made fun of that thread too! It were all the better if you posted the poem/song in there.

    4. SYS


      Technician said:

      This is out of your character. I demand you yell, smash your fist through your monitor and then bang a Spanish girl you found floating unconscious in a motel pool.

      EDIT: The song is quite cleaver.

      I've only ever fucked chicks that are both willing and conscious. Yeah it is out of character, but I typically don't blog my creative works. I write them out by hand in a notebook. It's a side of me I rather not put on teh internets. But this tidbit being doom inspired why not?

      Another reason it being seemingly out of character is people change. I'm not out all fucked up chasin tail like I once was. I've actually met a wonderful girl and we've been dating. Shit's been great, what can I say?

  22. It happened last Friday. My buddy had his going away to Japan for 6 months party. After being at the pub we decided to bring the festivities back to other buddy's penthouse suite. In the Lobby there was a large window which was broken.

    Now instead of taking the time to buzz in the # and get them to open the door for us, we decided upon going through the large broken window as it was quicker. I was the last to go through. Just my luck as I go through the window, a large shard of glass decides to fall off of the top of what was left of the window, and lands into my right foot.

    I saw the glass come down, felt a sharp pain, and then I looked down. The shard went through my shoe, into my foot. It hit the area in between my right bigtoe and the toe next to the big toe which name eludes me at the moment. I pulled the shard out and I could immediately feel my shoe fill up with blood.

    We got up to the suite, and I got my shoe off to examine the wound. It wasn't a huge cut but it was deep enough to do some damage. I ran cold water under my foot in the tub and kept it elevated hoping it would stop bleeding. We came to the conclusion that it was going to need stitches.

    I was bleeding for a good 15 minutes until we could find somebody sober to drive me to the ER. I Guesstimate that I lost at least half a litre of precious blood. Nothing like a good bleeding to lighten your life up.

    Me and my bestfriend got dropped off at the ER. They admitted me right away as I was bleedin and thankfully it wasn't busy. I had only a couple beers that night, but my friend was completely shitfaced, and the initial conversation with the ER doctor was quite funny so say the least.

    After I got all stitched up and cabbed home I was hopping on one foot into the kitchen when I noticed blood on the floor. I had to go back, this time waiting another 3hrs for the ER doctor to tell me that everything looks ok, and if it starts bleeding again to return.

    It hurt real bad the first few days. Now it is more managable. Hopefully by next week I'll be able to walk and work again. It sucks, but it could've been worse. I'm just thankful the glass didn't decide to hit a major artery in my neck instead of my foot. Now that woulda sucked.

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    2. SYS


      Gangbangs, crack, and old ladies? lol That is going up on my wall.

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      POTGIESSER said:

      ...Just my luck as I go through the window, a large shard of glass decides to fall off of the top of what was left of the window, and lands into my right foot.

      ow, damn dude...

    4. SYS


      Yeah it was quite painful. Thankfully I can walk and run around on it again and the stitches have dissolved.

  23. Got back from my buddy's newyears party. He held it at his swanky penthouse suite. He splits the rent with his gf and another buddy, which makes it not only roomy and nice, but affordable. Got real liquored and had a good time.

    That is, until around 8:30am in the mornin. I had passed out on the floor and was rudely awakened by this other dude and his gf arguing. I guess neither of them had slept and kept drinkin all goddamned night. She fell ontop of me which naturally woke me up. Then she starts calling me by the name of this dude which wasn't even there that night and starts punchin me in the side of the head.

    Not very hard punches mind you, and seeing as I lost most of my marbles long ago, I wasn't too worried. Then she starts screamin at her boyfriend again and starts beatin on him. After about half hour of bickering about nothing she brings me into the bathroom with her.

    She talks about how she wants to her kill herself. I really didn't know what to say, other then whatever I could to talk her outta it. Quite honestly, if I was her and had a kid with that fucking idiot of a bf, I'd want to kill myself too.

    Back when she was in highschool her sister had killed herself, and she seemed motivated to join her. I really just told her, nothing else matters but your kid. Fuck everything else, you want your kid dealing with your suicide? Told her I could list off a buncha reasons not to go through with it, but theres only one big one and that's your child.

    On another note I have a barstool prophecy for 2007. people were raving about the 6th year, the 6th month, 6th day, 666 evil day bullshit. But I'm telling ya guys, 777 is where it's at. Not only is it my buddy's bday, it's the official Seal of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

    Otherwise known as the star of BABALON. Christian Evanglists rave about the anti christ rebuilding the city of Babylon, which is, coincidentally, where Iraq is now. Inside the Star of BABALON features the numbers 7 and 77. OH NOES THE WORLD IS ENDING! You heard it here first, and in any case somebody else beat me to something as retarded as this, shame on me.

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    2. Sharessa


      Got really drunk. The girl I'm kind of into got even drunker and I feel really bad for her now. Woke up with some horrible cold. Happy New Year...I guess.

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      I spent saturday through today with the flu hooray!

      Worst new years ever.

    4. GGG


      Dom P + Cris + Moet (after we were drunk cuz it's the cheap shit) rollin around town in a stretch Escalade doing lines off of girls' tits and flippin off pigs.
      The usual.

  24. I sat down with my boss yesterday to talk about my raise. It was kind of a shitty time to be talking about one. Tuesday I was doing a closing shift and it got insanely busy. Massive dinner rush, feels almost like starcraft "ZERGLING RUSH GOGOGOGO"

    Piles of dishes everywhere, keep pumpin them through the machine. Anyhoo, they ran outta chicken strip portions on the line. The line cooks are too busy cooking shit, so I had to ran into the back and manicly prep 10 portions for the line. This of course was time consuming.

    I arrive back into the dish pit welcomed by a massive pile up. One of the line cooks was able to get offline and give me a hand for a while. Things looked alright, and then I just got fucked again cause it got so busy. Damn holidays + hockey game on TV = LOTSA FUCKIN DIRTY DISHES lol.

    They threw another guy off of line into the pit with me. I had him helping me out till midnight. Last call is done, but I still had a pile of shit to run though. I don't leave till every last little thing is cleaned. The General Manager is getting pissed cause he's gotta get up in the morning early to work.

    Didn't finish till around 1:45am. He told me he was going to talk to my boss about my performance tonight and see if he can get me some extra help for tomorrow. So I'm at work and I have a sitdown with my boss and we discuss my raise.

    He tells me what the GM told him. I tell him "Quite honestly, he's more concerned about what time he gets home and goes to sleep at, then he is about my performance in the dish area." I explained to him it just got real hellish and super busy, and held out as best I could. Anways they end up givin me a whole 50 cent raise per hr bringing my meager wage up to $10.50 an hr.

    I'm also being promoted to line cook sometime in January and could be seeing another wage increase pending upon how well I do. On another note one of the managers quit recently. He left for a, what one could argue, "less prestigous" managerial position @ a McDonald's. But he couldn't have put his reasoning more eloquently, "If I'm going to work at a place where everybody acts like 15 year olds, they might as well be 15 year olds."

    One of the bartenders is leaving too. He's headin out to the oil rigs in Alberta to make a tonne of dough. Good money, only problem is you have all this $$ and you have absolutely nothing to do but get drunk and do cocaine. Lotta fuckups from that in that line of work lol. But I'm sure he will do just fine, he wants to save it all and then be able to invest it afterwards.

    A couple weeks ago I also turned down a job offer from a friend. It was a Xbox360 technical support position. Sit around at a call center listen to itdiotic douches bitch about their XBoxes. The shifts were shitty, all the way out in fuckin Surrey, and it paid only $9.00 an hr. I make more washin the dishes lol. He said to me "At least I can tell people I offered somebody a Microsoft job and they turned it down."

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    2. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Danarchy said:

      I'm probably the only person here who understood that and completely sympathises.

      Oh I quite doubt that. As for myself I did a year at the only authentic spanish restaurant in downtown Valparaiso, dish washer and occasional food prep. We had no machines, just a couple of sinks, a scrubber and a place to pile the dishes. We'd work late nights, I'd come home smelling like old chicken and oliole. Most of the people were nice but the boss was relentless, being a full blooded spaniard only 10 years in the country. His work ethic was outstanding and he tried to get us kids (being 15/16 at the time) to work just as hard. I also spent a few months at a restaurant right outside of Gary where the atmosphere was more relaxed but the facilities were much worse. After that job and a 6 month stint at Wendy's prior to that, I vowed never again to do restaurant work.

    3. Technician


      insertwackynamehere said:

      my old summer nonprofit computer donation/repair place.

      Holy Christ I did the same thing for half a year as a co-op placement. It’s so demeaning taking 30 Meg hard drives out of machines older then us and labeling them as ten bucks. No business is more crooked then the computer repair industry.

    4. Sharessa


      Mancubus II said:

      We had no machines, just a couple of sinks, a scrubber and a place to pile the dishes.

      Ouch. The dude I often work with who has been there for years says that once the dishwasher broke and he was there until 2:30.

      After that job and a 6 month stint at Wendy's prior to that, I vowed never again to do restaurant work.

      Yeah, I don't really want to do much more restaurant work, though working in a bakery wouldn't be too bad. I know a few people who have done so and they bitch and moan that it's hard but really I think it doesn't even compare to working in the dish pit.

  25. There were a bunch of dudes at work that were like "We're goin to Richard's to play with his wii" So deciding to be a joker I says "You guys are gonna play with Richard's wee wee? You Guys are fuckin fags."

    It never gets old. lol. Anyways a friend of mine had bought one so I've got back from his house after playing around with it for a while. Consumed a few beers while doing so. Very fun system, with innovative gameplay. FPS play like fucking crap on it though. I played that Red Steel game. At first it felt like I was mentally handicapped cause I kept spinning around. Then I realised I wasn't holding the remote in front of the sensor thingymabobber.

    Was real weird using a remote and nunchuk. Very cool, but at the same time very awkward. To compensate for this, the game gives you health regeneration. If you had a mouse and keyboard, you'd pwn this game easily. But Wii tries to emulate a form of realism of moving your hand around and aiming at shit with the gun. Want to pick up a gun? Stand over the item and move the remote downwards. Pretty neato.

    Graphics are pretty cool. That new Zelda game is most definitely the best newer school Zelda game ever. The N64 ones are teh gay, but this one is bitchin. There's also all these wii sports games. Those are hella fun.

    Simplistic, but in there simplicity give way to competitive gameplay. It's real cool making the motions with the remote and seeing it translate on screen. We were joking around how some japanese perv will develop porno games with a dildo or vibrating device and the thrusting movements of the remote will cause vibrations lol. However there already is a PS2 game that can get girls off the with a usb vibrating device: http://www.gamegirladvance.com/archives/2002/10/26/sex_in_games_rezvibrator.html

    My Biggest complaint: remote batteries. They take two AA batteries which means and an unwanted $$$$ consumable. I suppose those new USB rechargable AA batteries coming to market would come in extremely handy.

    Either that or they could have gone with an ion battery setup like some cordless mice. But then sketching crazed gamers would have to wait for them to charge before they could play it straight out of the box. I'm not in a hurry to run out and buy one, but when the price is right I'll get one.

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    2. Ed


      In my high-school there were one or two openly gay kids, one of which was 6'4 and prone to violent outbursts upon the ridicule of his sexuality. One on occasion a wannabe thug called him a faggot and ended up pile driven into a desk, crying and more than likely feeling really stupid. I'd like to introduce you two.

      Back on topic, out of all the consoles on the market, the wii is the only one in quite a bit of time that sparks my interest. I'll always bet on the PC for my violent, graphics heavy FPS and RTS games, but the wii looks like a fun toy to have kicking around amongst my other three systems (NES, SNES and Sega Genesis).

    3. AndrewB


      Ed said:

      In my high-school there were one or two openly gay kids, one of which was 6'4 and prone to violent outbursts upon the ridicule of his sexuality. One on occasion a wannabe thug called him a faggot and ended up pile driven into a desk, crying and more than likely feeling really stupid.

      Heheh boss.

    4. AndrewB


      Woo Wii = mine, and all I had to do was set my alarm for 5am Saturday morning.