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  1. 3:00am in the morning, the roads are dead and what do me and my bro run into on the road? A nice 360 modena, it was at least a 2002. We were at the intersection and the 360 was right beside us. My bro thought it would be fun if tried racing it in our '89 Volvo 740 Turbo.
    It comes with turbo stock. But big fucking deal, it's being pitted against a 360 modena. Also for the record I believe street racing is incredibly stupid, but we decided to make an exception in this case. So we rip it off the line, we're way in front of the Ferrari and hit the next red light. The Ferrari catches up with us effortlessly in 2 seconds. He was toying with us,. So we went easier on the acceleration hoping he'd say "fuck it" and rip right past us. But to no avail. We weren't worth the Ferrari's time. Still it was nice staring at 200000 dollars on 4 wheels.

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    2. Hobo


      Whee, McClarens are quite pricey, they go for about 1 million each.

    3. SYS


      The engine insulation in a McClaren is made outta gold. Hitting the Ferrari woulda been funny for a few moments.. till of course reality kicks in. I snapped a picture of one a week and some odd days go that was a few blocks away from my home that looked alomst identical to the one I saw on the steet. I'll put the pic up some time.

    4. SYS