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  1. I've haven't titled it yet and I think I'm starting to get better at this whole mapping thing. Got four maps so far, aiming for 6 but hoping to get 12. Map 4 is still in development, other 3 needs fixes here and there. Anybody interested in making some maps to go into my wad, which would then be "our" wad, drop me a line. I'll show you what I got and then you can laugh, and make fun of me. Or be part of the mapping fun. I know doom 3 is coming out and no one gives a hooey, but there has to be somebody else out there with a computer as ghetto as mine. Drop me a line or comment of sorts. I'll have a link for what I got so far sometime in like 6 hours, got stuff in reality to do...


    1. pritch


      If you want some playtesting and objective opinion feel free to pester me

    2. SYS


      Back a little earlier than expected, here ya go Pritch and to anyone else interested:


      Your sure you just wanna make critique and lookie? I wouldn't mind another mapper....

    3. SYS


      Take a look somebody....