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  1. As the subject reads. It's a really early morning here. Dear, oh dear, made me some toast, this honey bacon, and a pile of scrambled eggs. Yum, Yum. I try to maintain my usual exercise regimine to avoid ending up a fat fuck.

    ANYWAYS, been foolin around with the four maps I've had in development. The fourth map is progressing, but I've developed a mapper's block of sorts. I remain frustrated. Being unemployed sucks ass. How I wish I could work once more. I suppose it happens eventually. If you have been reading this far you, then I applaud you.

    It's always the little things that can make life so interesting. It's great going off on these little diatribes and have people read and respond. At times, regardless of the little insignificant thoughtful things we can do for another individual, we can end up enriching our own lives infinitely. On the other hand, we can find solace, amusement, entertainment, in one persons misfortune/idiocy.

    Will it enrich our lives? Probably. Such stupid creatures we are, beneath the intelligence, we're like everything else: Eat, Sleep, Fuck, Die. But it's Eat, Sleep, Fuck, Die, on a plane much higher than we like to think. Yet we don't notice, or care. Everything is just taken for granted. I'm supposedly catholic, but I don't like religion.

    I guess I have my own of sorts. Having No religion is it's own spirituality. Existentialism is a religion of being that which is seen is believed, nothing beyond this world, death. Athieism is a religion in which a person denies the existance of a supposed proposed god. It seems to fall under existentialism. I suppose I could go on with this philisophical mental poop, but I'll leave it at this.

    Back to the maps: as stated before it's at freewebs.com/potgiesser/untitled.zip take a look, and give me suggestions, flames, whatever, I don't care I wanna hear it all peeps. Now to try to find a bleedin job and get back in the workforce, we all need to worship the all mighty $ as necessity of life.


    Your Doomworld pal/prick POTGIESSER

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    2. Psyonisis


      I refuse to read anything that long without paragraphs. But I played your wad, and it was alright... but do you really expect anyone to get through that level on berserk alone?

    3. SYS


      Psyonisis said:

      I refuse to read anything that long without paragraphs. But I played your wad, and it was alright... but do you really expect anyone to get through that level on berserk alone?

      Ah yes that's the one thing I've been debating. While it's possible, it's not plausible/practical, to the average player who's never seen it in his life, I'll be fixing that up. Any other suggestions?

    4. SYS


      pritch said:

      Link won't work - just kicks me back to this page.

      For real? Fuck. I'll try messing with it again. Sounds dumb but have you bothered to reboot your OS and try it? My windows sometimes goes funny and all links stop working so I just start widnows again and they work fine, but it seems pysnosis was able to play it... odd.
      Wow, I've tried the link myself and it did just that. Just type in the url and it should work, yeah I know, typing sucks.

      Jayextee said:

      No pal of the Darth Jrrr, sorry ;)

      Well I also mentioned prick as I did mention pal. And you did stay supposedly "dead" for a while, was it a means to be able to mentally leave this place, only to inevitably return? Do you have anything else insightful to mention that might be beneficial at all?