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  1. Coffee good. Fire bad. Eggs and Bacon tasty. 300 - 500 are projected to show, only 50 will be employed. I'm hopin on bein one of those 50, I feel great and have a nice sense of optimism. Cya folks!

    1. Grazza


      Your avatar reminds me of Bagpuss.

    2. SYS


      Grazza said:

      Your avatar reminds me of Bagpuss.

      Your avatar reminds of the doom guy being impaled on a stick holding a keycard. Strange. Optimism is down the crapper. Over 1000 ppl showed up, 25 of jobs went to men, 25 jobs went to women. There was only 75 women. Fucking christ. A good portion of the men chosen don't even proper command of the english language. Jesus Fucking Antichrist.