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  1. How it all starts: We're walking down the street and this tall dude's on his cellphone and he talks like a total fucking flamer. Buddy starts imatating him and the dude gets fucking choked and irratated.
    He begins walking real fast and then he hops into his Dodge Viper and begins his display of masculine idiocy. He was trying to establish that he had the bigger dick which happens to have a V10 motor under the hood of it.

    He stomps the fucking thing and rips it up a crowded residential area. He then begins doing doing donuts in it, spinning around in circles extremely fast, totally abusing the shit out of his tires, steering, and suspension. Buddy and Other Buddy peg it with beer tins and keep yelling at him. He rips down the street and does a U'ey and comes back again. Buddy stands almost in the middle of the road. Mouths off the dude and he comes zooming down the street, Buddy kicks it as it flys by almost hitting him.

    The Viper's front fender got dented and it lost a mirror and the dude zoomed off. All in an attempt to display that he had the bigger dick. Residents naturally fuckin phoned the cops. We high tailed it outta there. Wish I had it on fuckin tape!

    1. Bucket


      Not that would act like a cellphone fag... but if someone decided to knock the mirror off of my Viper during a display of manliness, needless to say his ribcage would be split open within five minutes.

    2. Quast


      Id say "your buddy" was really acting no different than the cellphone dude...