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  1. Death lurks upon my door,
    For my name is Bardash Dema Mogue,
    Hell is the only thing close to heaven's door,
    You shall wait and see for the pain that lies in store,
    For my name is Bardash Dema Mogue,

    'Twas a dark and dreary night,
    Not a single soul in sight,
    Thine red eyes doth glow,
    Blood stained corpse lay in the snow,

    For I am Bardash Dema Mogue.

    Hatred's perpetuated,

    For I am Bardash Dema Mogue,

    Acts committed were satanic,
    Deeds of evil measured as titanic,
    Only one reason to fulfill,
    Only one reason to let the blood spill,

    Bardash Dema Mogue!

    Spawned within the legions of hell,
    Cursed a mortal by a daemonic spell,
    Cursed to kill forevermore,
    Cursed like a dreaded whore!


    Can never show the emotion of love,
    Can never pray to the lord above,
    Damned to piss upon his face,
    Rip apart his Christian face,

    For I am Bardash Dema Mogue!

    Feast upon the holiest of blood,
    Flows within my veins like the flood,
    I don't don't care the fucking least,
    I just ate a useless priest,

    I am Bardash Dema Mogue.

    The Feast,
    The Hunger,
    The Beast,
    The Blunder,

    Death is all I see,
    Death is all need,
    Death is all I'll be,
    Death is my breed.

    For I am the one,
    The only,
    The unholy,
    Bardash Dema Mogue.

    Hope you guys liked my little poem of sorts. I usually don't publish these sorts of things but this one just came out. I'm writing a voice acting script/radio play of sorts for my scripting project. ACCS is getting under my skin. At least I got a demented intro of sorts. If anyone cares to give me some help with scripting of sorts with Zdoom I'd be more than happy to hear from you.

    I had a good feeling my weekly intoxication thread would get thrown out. I put it up to see how many would perceive it seriously and how many would see it as a joke. I was actually drunk when I posted it, but I was in the good sort of mind set. I coughed up a great idea for the intro to me scripting project. I'm in that right frame of mind. Messed up just enough to know what I'm doing and that I'm in control. It's a good place to be a times. Creativity knows no boundaries in this state. Sober creativity is great too. But it sometimes lacks the fucked up ambition to express it and stand by it.

    Anyways again if you got some scripting knowledge you wish to share and don't mind bein bugged with a private msg you let me know. I need to let my creativity soar. To those that wish they had something to say, and/or had something to say about the weekly intoxication post, feel free to express yourself here. Your all very great and interesting individuals.