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  1. I'm quite excited about this Orientation meeting. Most of them are stupid and boring but this is the good kind. I also have a test that same day, which is today, and then two other ones, dunno when I'll have them. Provided I pass I can work as a Longshoreman on the waterfront. I'll be able to start off as a teamster and work my way into the union. It sure beats the shit out of that retail job. Longshoring has two things that I like in an occupation: Flexibility, and good pay. Two shifts of longshoring = same amount of pay working a month at crummy retail job.

    First test which I have today is comprehension. Before hand I have to verify I am who I claim to be, and verify I'm a Canadian citizen. Then I get to write this test which will demonstrate that I thoroughly understand the english language. Fun Fun.

    On another note, anybody ever driven a car with a $150cdn price tag? I have one sitting in my garage. It's quite the piece of shit. It's an 82 Datsun 200sx. Got some surface rust, majority of the paint is there. More importantly it actually drives pretty good. For how long is anybody's guess. It's not mine, but I have the option of buying it. My bro's, friends', girlfriend is renting out a portion of our garage at the price of 12 pack of beer a month, to keep the thing sitting there till she decides to insure it. Now she's offering to sell it to me at the same price.

    It wouldn't be so bad I suppose. Insurance would be dead cheap. The price is right. If it breaks down on the road, I'd just take the plates off of it and leave it there, without giving a fuck. It has a wee little 1.3L 4cyl engine so it's quite econo, and it's a hatchback so it doesn't look entirely like a shit box. I suppose I'll wait on it for now, it'll probably be sitting there for a while yet.

    EDIT: I also had this strange dream. I was surfing doomworld only it had a different layout as the dream interpereted it. In the FAQ section it stated that if you drink and do drugs while surfing doomworld your %40 more likely to commit suicide like Eric Harris.

    What ever the fuck that meant. This is by far the strangest dream ever. On another note http://www.cafepress.com/dfc this TC isn't even finished and they already got merchandise! Heh, Action Doom never had thongs! For obvious reasons...

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    2. Hobo


      Heh, $150 Canadian is pretty good for a runner. I bought my Camaro for $250 USD, I got it to run home, but found out the radiator had a lovely crack in it, and the interior was knee deep in pine needles. It's still sitting on ramps in the driveway, waiting for a battery. =(

    3. Bloodshedder


      My brother bought a $75 1980 Buick Century several months back, whose engine had been overheated several times prior. It lasted him, I think, two months.

    4. SYS


      I'm probably going to end up buying the poor car. It doesn't bleed any fluid, transmission is quite stable. There's a small portion in the left fender with a rusted hole. But most of the black paint is there. The left mirror is hanging by it's wires. The air struts for the hatchback lid are dead. Tires are in suprisingly good shape, and even more hilarious, there's a cd player. I should get some pics of this tin can on wheels.