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  1. It's located here: http://www.freewebs.com/potgiesser/mysterysong.zip

    I heard this song in the made for TV Movie Darkman II:The Return of Durant. Being a made for TV movie there's no soundtrack or song listing at end of the credits. I thought nothing of it for a while. Fast forward to tonight I hear it in yet another made for TV movie called Gunshy. Has that dude from CSI in it. Anyways unable to figure it out I've dubbed it from my Darkman II VHS using my digital camera.

    If you decide to download the sample and figure out what the song is called I will be ever so grateful.

    I've also got my final Longshoring test tommorow, which is technically now today. Anyways, hope you peeps have better luck figuring out what this damn song is called, if your up for it.

    1. Amaster


      Heh, I've heard that song a bazillion times but I never bothered to find out who did it or what it's caled.

      Edit: It might be by Captain Hollywood Project. Not sure though.

      Edit2: Yeah, it's More and More and More by Captain Hollywood Project.

    2. SYS


      Awesome, thanx man.