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  1. I failed my physical Longshoring test today. I'm too sad to even go out and get fucked up. The exam consisted of what is known as "lashing." You take these long heavy poles which have a which have a hinged hook on the end of them, and you lift them and shove them into the holes in the container. I did relatively well in the practice round. The shorter poles are really easy. It's the fucking long lones.

    They went in the order of: Short, long, short, short, long, short.
    I struggled a little with 1st long one but finally got it into place. I got to the last long one, and I was noodling around with the damn thing trying to get it into fucking hole. The longer you noodle with it, the more you physically exhaust yourself. I got it in. And they wanted me to do the last long one again. I put it in easily.

    Then we all headed back to the trailer and they'd call us out individually for the test.

    The test is like this: short, long, short, short, long, short. Then you take them out starting with the first short one you stuck in. Then you repeat that 2 more times. If you lose control of the bars or go over the alotted 12 minutes you fail.

    Perhaps it was the pressure but I also felt that I didn't possess the strength and endurance as I ended up proving when I did the test. I got the 1st short one in, then I was struggling to get the long one into the hole. Got it in. Then two shorts. And then I was struggling for five minutes to get this 30ft pole into the hole and I couldn't fucking get it. It was like this horrible fucking nightmare. I kept missing hole so I ended up using all my strength and had to quit otherwise I would've ended up injuring myself. My whole body is sore as hell, not to mention my pride.

    I'll have to return one day and kick that test in the nuts. I can't accept this defeat.

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    2. SYS


      ravage said:

      Talk-like-a-pirate day sucks.

      Such a day exists?

      Relica Religia said:

      I'm so very confus-ed.

      Assholes always are. Don't worry about it.

      DooMBoy said:

      Well fuck, I'm fucking sad to hear that you didn't fucking pass your fucking longshoring test, that fucking sucks.

      For fuck sakes! Why the fuck do you have to fucking say fuck so much? =D Thanx for the sympathy, unless of course, you just wanted to be a bastard who felt like saying fuck so much.

      Danarchy said:

      Heh, sounds like the reason I quit my job, though I think I may have actualy injured myself. I had sharp pains in my intestinal area for two weeks afterward and I still can't feel my big toes for some reason. Neither really seems to have done permanant damage to me though, so I guess it's all good.

      Yeah well I didn't even get to start the job. I'll probably be able to try again some other time when they have openings which won't be for quite a while. But by then I'll be alot stronger and I'll wear that tests' ass as a hat. I'm sore as hell today. Hopefully your pain will get better before it gets worse.

    3. pritch



      Next time you'll do it.

    4. Epyo


      Pirates are awesome better luck next time!