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  1. Good god there was alot of it. I eventually ended up going insane. I literally lost my mind, and I got dragged up to my room with much resistance, and defiance from me. I ended up getting really 'friendly' with this gal. It was okay though cause she actually happens to like me. I phoned her today and apologized and she just thought it was funny. There was lots of beer:Budweiser, Rickards honey brown, MGD, or was it LGD? Meh. Hard bar: Crown Royal, Jagermeister, Jack Daniel's AKA Asshole in a bottle, Skky Vodka, some funny rasberry vodka shot things that came in these plastic vials, and some other vodka mix drink thing that came in a blue bottle. All in all another great party.

    Heres the tamest of the footage: http://www.freewebs.com/potgiesser/party.zip

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    2. Melfice


      deathbringer said:

      Will have to remember to recommend twister at the orgy i am going to. That or Strip snakes 'n ladders

      Some people have all the fun :'(

    3. Danarchy


      My parties usualy involve lots of pizza and movies though no alcohol ( though my upcoming 21st birthday celebration shall be an exception :P), plus various other random activities someone might think up on the spot. In the end, everyone goes home saying they've had a good time. I'd like to think of myself as an excellent host.

    4. deathbringer


      Some people have all the fun :'(

      The arguements over weather a Ladder means you should take off clothes or put them on rule