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  1. I technically saw them yesterday (the 18th) but whatever. The show was moved from Richard's on Richards to the Sonar (Where KMFDM played) for whatever reason. The opening band... I don't know what they were called, or even what they looked like. Me and the rest of the gang just sat in the lounge upstairs ordering drinks and chatting away.

    Then Misfits hit the stage and fuckin rocked the whole house. The crowd was good, less demented and scary than the crowd at KMFDM. Lot more hotties too. I took pics and a bit of video. I was too busy moshing to really want to photograph and tape much. The Misfits also did a couple Ramones covers. Which was really neat.

    Even more amazing though, was after the show, they came out hung around, signed autographs, let people take pictures with them. Every other band I've seen has never done that. I got some great pics and a bit of video. I got my picture taken with Dez. yay!!! I'll put them up sometime tommorow, which is technically today. So they'll be up for viewing, when I wake up because I'm going to bed after this. Hooray for Jagermeister and tonic water!

    While we were waiting around to catch a bus we got hassled by these gun weilding Mexican drug dealers who rambled on about how this was their turf, etc. When there's guns involved, and you don't have one, it's best to stay calm and reason with them. We just told them we wanted to catch the bus and get out of there. Which any sane person would want to in that portion of Vancouver.

    It's the #1 place in Canada that contains a high concentration of homelessness, drug addicts, people with HIV/Aids, it's not a nice place to be. At first you feel sorry them, but then you realize that the majority of them are a fucking waste of space. Useless pieces of shit, wasting hard working people's tax dollars. Some were born into it. Some of them can't help that they're down there, most of them had a choice.

    A choice to stick the needle in their arm or not. A choice to snort lines of cocaine. A choice to smoke their crack. A choice to be a prostitute. Or a choice to avoid that kind of lifestyle. Crack, cocaine and heroin is bad mmkay? Some of them go to other parts of the city to beg for money. They claim they're starving. But there's social programs which feed them. They collect welfare. Yet they need more money, usually for drugs.

    Sometimes I spare change, other times I ignore the fact that they're talking to me and that they exist. It's a sad state really. If they're sitting there playing an instrument of some sort I'm usually more than happy to give them something.

    We finally said fuck it towards waiting for the bus and got cabs.

    UPDATE:Put the pics up on freewebs. if someone knows of superior free hosting let me know! Remember, type the url in manually.

    In the lounge:
    Getting our pictures taken with them after the show:
    Http://www.freewebs.com/potgiesser/misfits_20.jpg <--Me & Dez
    Joe with a Homeless dude outside the Sonar:

    Outside afterwards all loaded vid:

    1. Silverwyvern


      I thought they split up? Or is it Jerry Only... only... and his new crew.. or Graves?

    2. deathz0r


      Silverwyvern said:

      I thought they split up? Or is it Jerry Only... only... and his new crew.. or Graves?

      It's Misfits (Jerry Only), Black Flag (Dez Cadena) and The Ramones (Marky Ramone) all rolled into one. I've never cared about the new Misfits incarnation at all, and I don't think I will. If they ever came down here, I'd definitely see them, but...