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  1. Another grand night at the Commodore Ballroom. I thank the fellow who bought and renovated it. Alot of bands love playing at a nightclub venue. It's quite grand, facing the huge stage, with a massive dance floor, behind you is a bar, above is the balcony with another bar. To the left is raised seating with another bar, and to the right is more raised seating with, YOu guessed it! ANother bar!

    The concert was average. The opening band Himsa, was terrible. The moshpit was full of straight edge dumbasses, doing ninja jumpkicks, and flailing their fists around like morons. They don't believe in killing brain cells, yet they act as though they've killed all of them. Go figure. I guess it's a positive lifestyle, but they ruin moshpits. Next up was Bleed Through. I heard and liked them prior to the concert. They do a mean cover of Guns & Roses "Rocket Queen" which they didn't play.

    They were good, again more straight edge ruining the pit. No biggie though, I was up in front away from that stupid shit, occaisionally punching any straight edge idiot whom decided to fly into me with their retarded ninja kicks. I have a total crush on Bleed Through Keyboardist. She's very sexalicious. Next up was Arch enemy.

    The pit was the way pits should be. Pushing, shoving, throwing, people flying, great stuff. The pit was fucking amazing. The band on the other hand, they should shoot their guitar tech, as you could only hear one guitar. They only did 6 songs, which was bullshit as well. Pissed quite a few people off. They played less than HImsa and Bleed Through. Some straight edge fellows tried to mosh in their special way of moshing during arch enemy. They didn't last very long, I had this one idiot in an AFI T-shirt jump kick into me and he started flailing his arms. So I decided to express my disdain by punching his stupid ass in the gut a few times.

    He immediately left the pit and stood there in the front line and watched. Other straight edge were getting put in their place pretty quick so they ended up moshing like normal people, or retiring from the pit or watching ringside. I can't say I'm suprised by the poor quality of Archenemy. They're notorious for canceling shows and fucking up.

    Then finally the filth spilt onto the stage for an hour and 20 minutes. ANother 20 minutes should've gone to arch enemy. But bleh, Cradle was alright. They had projector screens with images of topless women, and pentagrams and flaming baphomet and other strange shit. The Vocalist, Dani, came out sputtering all this shit about this and that, some anti American slogans and then they played the tunes. It was average. I really had no desire to mosh during Cradle. I thought they'd be capable of putting on a better show than that. Nevertheless during a moment where it was silent I bellowed out "Jesus loves you!" The lights turn up, and quite suprised and shocked, Dani says "What the fuck was that? C'mon Vancouver make some noise!" He also wanted all the women in the room to remove their bras and throw them on stage. Not even one bra for poor little midget Dani. Well he's not a total midget, but he's only like 5'1.

    It was also ironic that the Commodore had all these christmas decorations out, for this Satanic metal band. It was weird show, it had hardcore straight edge, punk dummies, Metal heads, goths, and freaky wish they were satanic Satanists. Wow wee. Oh well, what do you expect for a tour involving the three letters M-T-V? I got pics and video, but no room on my stupid crap hosting. I really need new hosting.

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    2. SYS


      Melfice said:

      Oh god forbid there'd be someone else at that concert other than you because you're seemingly superior to everyone there. Pfft.

      I'm glad you believe that, because I don't.

      Gokuma said:

      WTF? Well here's what you do if some idiot comes flying at you with their foot just hanging out extended. Stand slightly towards their outside and when their foot is about to hit you on the left or right of your chest or stomach, suddenly turn 90° and quickly (or nonchalantly) move forward in that direction, so you just push against the outside of their kicking leg. Look back to see them spin to the ground.

      At times they're not always flying at you head on, sometimes it's from behind, sometimes it's when you're in the middle of being pushed and have slow reaction time from alcohol. Anyways they figured they'd keep getting their asses kicked, a few of these really huge fellows didn't take a liking to getting kicked and punched by them.

      Ninja_of_DooM said:

      Pff! CoF Sucks. I'm going to see megadeth next year anwyays, better IMO.:p

      Yeah Megadeth played at the Commodore like week ago. Tickets sold out practically right away. I was choked about that one. Mustaine as a person is a bit of an arse, but he managed to survive getting thrown out of Metallica and having Slayer tell him he sucked, becoming addicted to crack and alcohol, and not having a red cent to his name and to be able to get through that and keep playing, most of them just die. I'm not into black metal much, I'd rather Dimmu Borgir, they probably would've been better.

      Numbermind said:

      Heh, sXe.

      I remember when it first started. We thought it was a joke then. We would pick on this straight-edge kid, feeling sorry for him, and cracking jokes and explaining bad words like "va-gi-na" like we were writing a primer.

      Then I heard about it on the news and got hit with a sad reality.

      Yeah they can't really do anything aside from demonstrating how hardcore they are. No drinking, drugs of any kind, smoking, promiscuous sex. Again a positive way of living, but they ruin moshpits and think they are above it all because of the way they choose to live their life. The funniest thing I saw once, was when I stumbled upon a sXe forum and this dude asked, "Am I still sXe if I take penis enlargement pills?" Funny as hell.

    3. Sharessa


      The only mosh pits I've ever been were pure shoving. There was once I was in a pit at a local concert and some guy was running around punching people. He ended up getting the crap beat out of him and tossed out of the pit. It was funny.

    4. Liam


      Melfice said:

      Oh god forbid there'd be someone else at that concert other than you because you're seemingly superior to everyone there. Pfft.

      i imagine the fanbase for cradle of mass-manufactured mall goth bullshit is for the most part as bad as potgiesser makes it out to be.