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  1. Well today I start my new temp job as a sorter of parcells and mail for a delivery company. 10pm to 6:00am, yippee! Creature of the night.

    Yesterday I had 3 invites to three different events all of which fell on Friday, and all of which were celebratory and party related. My talent agency had their annual christmas party at this upscale swanky nightclub called the skybar, complete with formal dresscode. My friend wanted me to go with him and his galfriend, and his galfriend's friends to the Bourbon.

    The Bourbon functions as a bar for the most part. But when there's money to be made on the weekend, it to turns into a plub. There's a DJ and a dancefloor, no cover charge, and the preservation of the bar atmosphere with the pool tables etc. So I decide upon the Bourbon.

    Whilst I'm showering my buddy from college phones me up. "Hey man are you going tonight?" and I said "yeah." Then I realized who I was talking to and I explained to him what I already had going on and asked him what's he's got going on. Then he says "didn't you get the email?" "Nope." So anyways him and the rest of my former college mates were having a get together at this nightclub known as the Plaza. Never been there, but from what I've been told it's full of expensive drinks, materialistic females, and hordes of different ethnic groups that all hate each other.

    I explained to him that I had these other two invites, one of which I obliged to already. So naturally I declined. No prior notice but a last minute phone up with the assumption I got their E-mail. If I did get the email, I probably thought it was spam and deleted it.

    So I go to Franco's house. His girlfriend, Chelsie phones and says that Steve was at the Penthouse, this upscale gentleman's club. He was going back to Kamloops and she had wanted to take him to this other gentleman's club Brandi's before going to the Bourbon. Brandi's is the infamous stripclub where Ben Affleck had cheated on J-Lo, and Al Pacino had recently filmed a scene there for his upcoming film.

    Anyways, me and Franco meet up with Chelsie, Joelle, Jordan, and Mariam on public transit. The wheels on the bus go round and round... Joelle and Jordan's vodka mickeys go up and down, up and down....

    We arrive at the penthouse. 5 dollar cover charge for men, free for women. Drinks are naturally outrageously priced, being an upscale establishment. 7.50 for a Heinekken. An additional dollar fifty would buy me another pitcher of beer at the Bourbon. So we stayed for one act. She was this goregous brunette and she had this Japanese Geisha outfit on. She wasn't really that good in terms of her pole dancing routine. Oh well, I guess it's difficult to be enthused about dancing around for a crowd which mostly consists of a bunch of horny old men. After she was down to nothing but this long black scarf around her neck, she got out this zebra mat and was on all fours rolling around. Reminded me of my zebra bedsheets, and how nice she'd look ontop of them in my bedroom.

    So we leave for the Bourbon. Steve, Chelsie, and Mariam got a ride, with another Steve and this dude whose name I don't remember that were with Steve at the Penthouse. Leaving me, Franco, Jordan, and Joelle the task of scoring a cab. It's usually quite easy. But Jordan was being cheap about using his cellphone, and him and Joelle were standing in the street, screaming at every cab which passed them. Like a cabby is going to stop when some drunken 350lb fat bastard is screaming at them!


    So we walked for a block and this homosexual fellow stumbled outside from a hotel of sorts. Joelle remarked "Hey look, it's a drunken gay faggot!" The homosexual replied "Thank you very much!" In an extremely homosexual manner only confirming the assumption of his orientation. Joelle replied with, "Your welcome fucking gay faggot!" Poor, poor, drunken homosexual. I was kind of worried that Joelle was going to beat the fuck out of him, last thing I needed was to get charged with hatecrimes over witnessing the beating of some homosexual.

    Anyways we attempt another cab grabbing. Naturally, when getting the cab drivers attention in a more civil manner as oppossed to screaming, "I NEED TO RENT A HINDU!" You'll get one if they aren't busy. Finally to the Bourbon!

    It was packed, but at least there was no fucking lineup. This girl looked over at me and smiled, and then did a little wave. I got really nervous and extremely shy. I never been approached by a hot gal, I'm usually doing the approaching so I felt awkward. Stupid me. I talked to her for a bit, she complimented me on my 70's sheepskin jacket. She asked me if I was shy, and usually I'm quite outgoing and rather vocal. But when nerves kick in, I tend to seize up like a dumbass. So I say yes, and I told her I'd talk to her later but I never did, and she was off talking to some other dudes anyways.

    No hardbar for me. Just pitchers of beer. Good tunes, DJ played Guns 'n Roses, ACDC, some hiphop stuff, and later on oddly enough Easy E! Easy muthafuckin' E! Gangster shit! Hee hee. An Altercation occured between some white dude and an East Indian fellow and the East Indian fellow wanted to fight and get all cocky and shit. Naturally the bouncer just threw his stupid ass out. I dunno what it is with East Indians and starting fights at bars and clubs, but they're really good at it.

    Joelle had won $10.00 playing pool. This goth girl came up to him and bit his nipple. He had alot to drink and was boasting about how great a drinker he is. He had loads of shots and pitchers of beer, ontop of the vodka mickey he had earlier. He sat down at the table and he looked fuckin looped. He then closed his eyes and he puked himself. HOW THE MIGHTY HATH FALLEN! The cocky fat bastard had soiled himself in his own puke.

    There was $1.50 in change sitting in the urinal troth in the washroom. Sure enough when I came back later it was gone. EWWW. I suppose if you needed bus fare, it might be an option. So after drinking and dancing it was finally closing time. Drunken Busride home, I can't remember the details of the bus ride, but I believe it wasn't anything eventfull. So I got home and passed out on me bed. No hangover today, just a minor headache.

    EDIT:Forgot about the faulty hardware! My HD was patrioned and portion of it crashed and all the data was deleted off of it. Including some maps I had been wokring on! Most were in early stages. with the exception of the one that's been tested by people which I'll be able to retrieve. My computer is DooMless till I reinstall. Should do that now I suppose. Most of the other stuff was useless crap, with the exception of some lost photos. Oh well, I need a new computer anyways. I had backed up some shit but not all of it. Oh well.

    1. Sharessa


      Haha, urinal money. Second cousin to the ass penny.

    2. SYS


      Ass penny? I'm not quite familiar with that one... it isn't what I think it is, is it?