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  1. I like getting parcells. Sorting other people's parcells on the other hand, sucks. I've seen enough of them to last me a lifetime. The sight of a 2005 Industrial Hose catalogue makes my blood boil. I must've moved 2000 of those alone. My temp job, has come to an end. After seeing thousands of parcells and area codes, it's over. I understand why post office workers like to snap and shoot people. The pay was somewhat decent, considering the labor involved.

    These foldable metal baskets called "monos" come off of the trailer truck, and get moved to this area where there are four different sorting belts arranged by the 2nd digit of the area code. From there, they are sorted further by the 3rd digit of the area code. So if the package said V6E ???, it would go to the 6 belt, and then the 6 sorter would put in the 6e mono.

    It's relatively easy once you catch on, but it's just the grueling repitition of doing it over an 8hr graveyard shift. The packages are chucked all over the place. My coworkers were merciless with the ones labelled "fragile" It's all over. I got some extra money in my wallet, so it's all good. My sleeping pattern is all out of whack, but aside from that, things are great, and I have a new found appreciation for post office workers.

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      POTGIESSER said:

      A Fuckin' men to that.


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      Kid Airbag said:

      Oh, I thought you were going to say you hated the old Tuna.

      that's what I thought too :/