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  1. Yeah it was the same parcell sorting job. They called me back for more parcell sorting fun, and I obliged. It was after the christmas season, but there was still alot of stuff that wasn't delivered before Christmas. It's over now though. This time for good.

    One of my bosses was pretty fucked up. He'd snort cocaine during his breaks, and drive around on the forklift. He enjoyed driving just inches away from you, so you'd get the impression that he wanted to run you over. He also got his rocks off by yelling at people, impatient aphetamine abusing bastard.

    I had a good Xmas, and a pretty fucked up newyear, but things have been pretty good. Snake Eater is a fun game. The boss "The End" is really fucking annoying. But oddly enough Hideo Kojima did something really weird with this boss. If you save while fighting him, when you load up the game, it will go to a cutscene where he kills you. But if you wait a week, or fast forward the PS2 clock a week, and load up up the game, it will go to a cutscene, where snake sneaks up behind him and finds him dead, having died of natural causes.