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  1. As the subject indicates. I'm pretty upset right now, but I think I'll be alright. As for my kitty, I'm not sure whether it's twisted or broken. I put him down on the couch and he got into a scrap with my other cat and fucked his back right hind leg somehow. He's using three legs to walk if he tries moving, he's been sitting down mostly. I'm hoping it's just sprained and not fractured. Most of the animal hospitals are fucking flooded with appointments today.

    I wanted to preferentially take him to the Cat clinic, but they're packed, it seems like most vets are flooded on Saturday's. I don't wanna wait till tommorow to take him in. The emergency animal hospital charges a fucking arm and a leg, and I might have to go there. I think there's one place that has room for an appointment today. I'll have to keep trying. Poor, poor, Farley........

    EDIT: Turns out he just sprained it. He started walking on it again after I managed to get an appointment. He was still limping a little. The vet checked him out, said he possibly might've been bitten. It's hard to tell, he's extremely fluffy. So they gave him a shot in case he was bit, so there'd be no infection. In any case he's better, he justs need to relax - what cats do best.

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    2. Danarchy


      Speaking of cats, I left mine sleeping on the couch last night when I went to bed and they were in the exact same spots when I got up and are still there. They've been there for more than 1 hours now. Lazy kitties.

    3. Bucket


      Cats run on 12 hour sleep cycles(usually starting around noon and midnight). It's quite possible that they had a whole "day" while you were sleeping, and just happened to pick the same spot.

      They are creatures of habit-- my cat nearly always sleeps at the foot of my bed.

      I just reminded myself of a weird piece of trivia: did you know that "noon" used to be around 2PM?

    4. DoomDan


      My cats leg was also fucked up a couple of weeks ago.But I guess thats what happens when his favorite place to sleep is on top of the refridgerator.