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  1. I've been twenty years old for just a little over an hour now. I'll be working later today, if it's not pissing(raining) out. Then a little later, I'll be having the dinner with the family. Finally later on the evening I'll be drinking and moshing at the As I Lay Dying concert. My bro bought both a ticket for him and his friend, and realized what day the concert was on, so he got me one as well.

    The last time I saw As I Lay Dying they were opening for Killswitch Engage & In Flames. They were alright. 'Tis a pity they're the headliner this time around. But, I wouldn't want to pass up an opportunity to mosh on my bday. It's not really different from moshing on any other day, I don't think, but I'll find out I 'spose. Hopefully I won't have to rant on later about sXe stupidity, but I might come across some.

    I need sleep. I can't sleep. Goddamnit.

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    2. Relica Religia

      Relica Religia

      I love those cartoons.

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      Numbermind said:

      And thus, the window between Questionable Relationship and Pedophilia radiply closes.

      LOL. It's funny you mention that. A friend of mine (who we will call "Bob.") Bob has been 20 for a few weeks and he's dating a 14yr old. Now my other friend, (who will be named "John") is friends with Bob as well. He's dating the 14yr old's older sister. Everybody knows who Bob is dating but her older sister. *cue soap opera music*