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  1. Keebler elves ripping the face off of Snow White, whilst Bambie watches and eats Cheetos.

    Talking to Jesus through a soda can, he says the monkeys won't sprout wings and eat you if the snakes turn pink.

    cat mutiliates the dog, the cow gives the horse a hat in the shape of tuna fish.

    Virgin blood all over the donkey, it floats towards the heavens whilst thinking of dancing in hell.

    Cow boys pondering if their turds resemble california raisins, or if the california raisins resemble turds.

    Rusty fingernails hammered into concrete and then metled by the sun.

    Possessed desk prevails through revelations of the dark.

    Bees swarm to blood, like sharks swarm to honey.

    1. Bucket


      Got a devil's haircut in my mind.