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  1. Ook. Ook. I bought a new rig a few days ago. Been trying to get the internet to work properly on it, and what do you know? It decides to work all by itself one night. At first I was like, "OMG use 7 grand and build sexy pimp machine!"

    Then I decided it was way more feasible to budget myself to 2000 of those canucks bucks. Anyhoo, I ended up with

    A funky chinese seethrough Xion case with blue light

    Amd Athlon 64 2.2ghz processor

    Asus PCI express motherboard with built in sound card

    Free Half Life 2 with purchase of processor and motherboard

    1gb of Ram

    Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128mb video card

    200gb HD for my newfound pirate emporium

    Wireless network card - it's a real tempermental cunt, but it works now.

    5.1 surround sound headphones - at $57.00 cdn these things are fucking nuts, you have to set the volume VERY low, or you will lose your hearing

    DVD writer - see 200gb HD

    1.44mb floppy drive - yes I'm a putz

    17 inch LCD monitor - no ghosting! hazzar!

    Black, Joe blow Logitech Keyboard

    Some crazy ass gaming Logitech mouse - ultra high sensitivity, very fun with FPS

    After cursed PST - 7% Provincial Sales Tax and GST 7% Goods and Services Tax, it came out to exactly $2005.86

    Now it's not one those crazy ass dual core computers with the $800 GFX card, but it's a huge step up from the Ye Olde Shitbox PII.

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    2. Planky


      BlackFish said:

      does your mobo have pciexpress?

      POTGIESSER said:

      Asus PCI express motherboard with built in sound card

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      DJ_Haruko said:

      ditto, now that I upgraded.

      I was being facetious... I have a 900 Athlon.

    4. YukiRaven


      Scuba Steve said:

      I was being facetious... I have a 900 Athlon.

      Oh. I wasn't :)