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  1. Well yeah, my company is losing the postal contract, so me and a whole lotta people are going to be out of jobs.

    I've enough hours to collect unemployment insurance. But out of no where yesterday, my extra agency phones me. "Would you be interested in working 5 days on X-Men 3?" Naturally I said yes. Today they phoned me with the details and I go in for a wardrobe fitting tommorrow.

    It's supposed to be some scene in the forest and I'm in the mutant resistance army. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get gut open by wolverine, that'd be dope.

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      The only thing better than this would be playing an extra in a George Romero film.

    3. Danarchy


      Scuba Steve said:

      The only thing better than this would be playing an extra in a George Romero film.

      A few of my friends got a part in a zombie movie made by a local director called "Carnival of the Damned". Sadly, the director is pretty inept at business, so we'll be lucky if the movie is ever released.

    4. SYS


      Job said:

      How much do you get for being an extra?

      Depends upon if your in the performers union. Everybody gets 1.5x for over time after 8hrs and 2x after 12hrs.

      If your union your getting paid $20.00 some odd dollars per hour, non union is half of that. To be in the union you must have 6 credits, which means speaking parts/stunts/special skills etc.

      I can't go into too much detail, because I signed a paper saying Fox owns my soul. Not exactly in those words, but with the way they word shit, wow. I also saw a Lamborghini Gallardo on my way back from work with a vanity plate which read LAUGH.

      Anyways, I came into the extras holding area in the morning, and I was in Goth girl heaven/hell. Holy shit. They really dug out the freaks for this gig. One dude looked like Fredrick Johanson if he ever turned goth.

      He was really tall, with 2 feet platform shoes to boot, Black long bushy hair, with the eye makeup, black velvet suit with white pinstripes. It was really funny. Plus his rivethead galfriend was extremely sexalicious.

      There were many babes that I wanted to hit on, but as one must keep in mind, it's work, not a dating service. Even though that sorta thing happens all the time. My wardrobe is ultra crappy compared to what alot of other peeps wear.

      We didn't see any action on set all day. We never left the holding area. It was 12 hrs of socializing, smoking, stuffing our faces, drinking/drugs, and doing whatever it takes to kick the boredom and amuse one self. A fellow ever so cleverly taped a sign which read "Designated smoking area" to his crotch.

      All of the shit they filmed today had to have been all close ups, and angles where they wouldn't need any mutants in the mutant camp lurking in the background.