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  1. They're still shooting X-Men 3 today, but for me it ended yesterday. The first day, it was do absolutely nothing in the holding area.

    The second day we finally went to set, it was mostly establishing shots for the Mutant encampment, and a special effect. They were supposed to do a part where Jean Grey as phoenix walks through the encampment. They didn't, she did however, take a walk around the set. Famke Janssen walked right by me. Yowza!

    The 3rd day was Magneto's monologue. He gave a facist speech about Muntant supremacy, the extermination of humanity and any mutants that stand in the way.

    As soon as he got on set, sure enough somebody yelled "You rule Gandalf!" and then Ian did a line out of LOTR. I'm not really into LOTR but it was the line where he says something about the raven. And then everyone started cheering.

    Then he started doing the monologue, and we were suppossed to cheer at certain points in the monologue.

    Magneto:"They wish to cure us!"

    Mutants:"NO! NEVER! ETC"

    Magneto:"But I say we are the cure!"

    Mutants:"YEAH! WE ARE! ETC"

    It goes on like that. Only problem was they couldn't get the same enthusiam out of us, as when Ian did Gandalf. Also after yelling take after take, one starts to lose their voice. And there was alot of that. So after we finished, and went on a break I walked around set and was talking to some other extras.

    Then Ian Mckellen walks by and says "Hello." We said hi back to him, and he continued on his way. Yeah I know, big deal. "OMGZ! IAN MCKELLEN SEZ HELLO! I R L33TZ LOLZ!"

    He's really cool, and not a stuck up prick at all. Also after Ian came by we saw the dude that plays Pyro walked by and stood there, like he was waiting for someone to talk to him, but no one cared.

    The fourth day, was more of the same, Magneto doing his speech. Only Wolverine walks through the crowd. I stood right by him as he began his walk through the crowd. During rehearsal he asked me if I could move over a foot.

    There's much more to ramble on about, but I'm really sick. Ontop of doing the extra work, I was also doing my nightime job ontop of it, so I've had little sleep until today.

    There were also extras who got fired.

    Since it was shot in a large wooded park, people weren't allowed to smoke directly on the set, as the forest is "DUH!" extremely flammable. People were warned about it, and then there were people who persisted and were fired.

    There was a person fired for being drunk.

    5 people were fired for smoking weed.

    There's alot of tents on the set, and 3 guys and a girl were fired for having sex in one. Yes, they were all in the same tent simultaneously.

    Finally, one person was fired for shooting up heroin behind a trailer.

    All in all it was loads of fun, and probably the most fun I've ever had doing it.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      My cousin was the leader of the stygian triplets in Dogma

      When they were filming it I ran into Alan Rickman in line at the Potato Patch in Kennywood which is Pittsburgh's big-ass local amusement park.

    3. Fletcher`


      My mom and dad once met Arnold Shwarzenegger. Hell his wife is my mom's third cousin. From what they tell me, he's a great guy.

    4. destx


      BBG said:

      I'm not retarded


      Sorry. I could not resist.