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  1. Can't really say I saw anybody that anyone has heard of, but for no names it was pretty good suprisingly. My buddy works for a small record company, so I didn't have to pay cover, which meant more money for drinks. The venue was the Waldorf.

    The Waldorf is situated near the Vancouver Longshoreman Locale #whateverthefuckitis dispatching hall. There couldn't be smarter place to stick a bar/hotel/cold beer & wine store. Alot of the alchy longshoreman go there, be it before or after they get dispatched.

    Interestingly enough, I was talking to a dude that was wearing an ILWU jacket. He was asking me if the headliner was on next. Turns out he was a foreman. I asked him if he knew of my brother and oldman.

    Then the vocalist from the act had just finished, and foreman went up to him and said something along the lines of "I'm a foreman down on the waterfront, I'm in charge, I make good coin, but I'll never be as happy as you are when you're up on that stage, because you're up there, doing what you love. You're having the time of your life right now."

    I thought that was pretty cool.

    Then the 3rd act had come and gone. My buddy had gone out for a smoke and I was looking for him and then I ended up talking to this dude that was pretty whacked. Further into the conversation, I understood why. "Would you like some free mushrooms?" he asked. "Of course." I responded, and he gave me a nice handful.

    "I got half a pound of these things for $200. I've been trying to get rid of them. My buddy, that native dude, that was singing and plays bass, I hadn't seen him in 20 years."

    So then I asked him "How much can ya give me for $20?"

    "A big bag." he answered. I got roughly half an ounce. It's such a beautiful sight that I'll have to take pictures. I haven't sampled the merchandise, but he said they're pretty potent, and not to eat more 2 grams at once.

    Judging by the way the dude was speaking and acting, he had eaten more than that.

    The final act came on eventually. The vocalist/rhythm guitarist was this chick. She mighta been lead guitarist, but meh, I was gooned pretty good. She had some crazy tattoos, her arms were pratically sleeves. She wasn't extremely hot.

    I find tattoos on most chicks pretty sexy. Not to mention, she could sing, and fuckin play guitar. I'd love to see this chick beat the shit out of Avril. I'd tap her. =)

    My bros bday today, so later on today it's off to Memphis Blues for some crazy BBQ, then Drunkfest at the Cambie.