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  1. They were on tour with Hella, Between The Buried And Me, Horse The Band. All 3 of which I never heard of. I went with my brother and thought about inviting my friend. I thought it would be a bad idea because me and my bro had tickets whilst my friend didn't have one.

    It would be shitty if we go there only to find out he can't get in cause tickets are sold out. My brother assured me "These shows never sell out, all the concerts I've been to, not one at full capacity."

    What ends up happening? You guessed it, sold out show, my friend gets in asks to buy a ticket, sold out, he has to leave. I wanted to step outside and go talk to him but the miserable Ihavestickinmyass Bouncer says "You can leave but you can't come back in."

    I drove down and was the sober driver. My brother had broken his leg, and I couldn't leave my brother, so hopefully my friend isn't too fucking choked.

    The doors were supposed to be open at 8:00pm, but opened at 8:20pm instead. The first band up, was apparently drunk or something and they misplaced their keyboard or some shit.

    They had a real tripped out sound, like oldschool Mr.Bungle mixed with Nintendo sounding keyboards, it was pretty rad. They were being dumbfucks on stage and after 3 songs they started babbling on about their sad tale of not being able to find the keyboard and being dumb and drunk. The frontman thought he was a comedian doing a routine.

    So me and my brother did the polite thing and told them to "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PLAY! NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! PAID MONEY TO HEAR YOU PLAY MUSIC! NOT SPEAK!"

    Being polite and courteous never worked so well. They did more songs then had to cut their set short because of the late start time which was too bad. Too bad because the next two bands licked nuts.

    I saw quite a few people with shirts and hoodies with this white face on them. I was wondering to myself "Where had I seen it before?" Then it hit me. Job's current avatar.

    During the intermission I had this chick come up to me and say "Hey sexy." I had never had that happen to me, I didn't know how to react really. So I started laughing and responded with "Not nearly as sexy as you are." We made small talk for a bit, and then I decided to just go for it.

    "Got a number?" I asked. "Yeah, but my boyfriend wouldn't like that. He wouldn't go to the show with me, I'm pissed off at him."

    So I asked, "Pissed off enough that you'll say fuck him and give me your number?"

    "Sorry." she said. I says "Thought so." and left it at that. Dumb broad.

    Next two bands blew anal monkey rectum. Never in my life had I seen the opener kick the shit out of the bands that follow it. The third bands suckage just fucking dragged on and on, seemingly never ending.

    Dillinger Finally hits the fucking stage, moshpit time for me! Good pit, quite friendly. There was none of those dudes with like the 6 foot 6 frame, 280lbs just beating everyone in sight.

    There were emo kids but they gave up on their dumbshit karate dance crap, and everything went all out thrash styles. For a sober concert it was fun times. Although for the two bands before Dillinger I really wanted to drown out the suckage with booze.

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    2. Danarchy


      Bucket said:

      Dillinger... Escape Plan... nope, never heard of them.

      Is that that band that sounds exactly like the crap on the radio but is somehow more credible because they haven't actually made it on the radio? Or is that every fucking band? Yeah. You see kids, when that happens, it doesn't mean they have more integrity. It means they weren't savvy enough. Or they sucked the wrong cock.

      What the Hell? I don't even like Dillinger Escape Plan but what you just said was straight from the jerkstore.

      Anyway, I don't think I've ever really seen an opening band I liked. The closest I've come to liking an opening band was Kidneythieves, who opened for KMFDM. I downloaded some of their stuff but in the end they just sound like a poor man's Switchblade Symphony. Bands that were particularly bad that stand out in mine include this band that opened for Skinny Puppy with Chris Vrenna in it. Can't even remember what they were called, but they were really bad. The entire crowd just kind of stared blankly at them as if to say "get the Hell off the stage so we can see Puppy, you fags. I'm only standing here so I can have a primo spot for seeing them." At least that's what I was thinking.

      I also remember this band called Tricky opening for Tool that was just horrible, and 16Volt opening for KMFDM, and they sounded like numetal mixed with bad industrial. Ugh.

    3. TawmDee


      You should all be listening to Kreator or Destruction.


    4. Jonathan


      Bucket said:

      Dillinger... Escape Plan... nope, never heard of them.

      Is that that band that sounds exactly like the crap on the radio but is somehow more credible because they haven't actually made it on the radio?

      Well obviously it depends on what radio station you listen to, but I have never heard anything like Dillinger Escape Plan on any major radio station. If you want to hear what they sound like, they have a flash player on their website: