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  1. I didn't originally plan on seeing them, however my brother was getting a pin put in his leg, so I got his ticket. I went with his friend to whom had a ticket as well.

    All ages shows suck, no booze, stupid kids, their fucking dumb parents, and jail bait city. Fucking leave me alone 13 yr old girl, go home and play with Barbie. At the age of 20, the lowest I'd go is 17, 16 if she were exceptionally hot.

    As usual, the openers suck. But these ones were super dogshit, dogshit beyond dogshit. We had timed our arrival perfectly, Death by Stereo were just finished their set on our arrival.

    An amusing thing to note about Death By Stereo, my brother's friend used to work with this chick that got gangbanged by the band, so she'd get free tickets and give him some.

    Anyways, after suckness that was Death By Stereo, the suckage known as Saosin went up on stage. There was this nice moment of silence after they played their played song.

    "FUCKIN SUCK!" I shouted, all the way from the back of the Commodore Ballroom. The frontman remained his composure and began laughing. I'm glad he finds humor in the fact that he sucks giant horse cock. The kids there don't know any better and cheer his dumbfucking ass on anyways. Horrible songs, faggotty vocals, it was horrendous.

    A gentleman who beared the words Reign in Blood on his back, came over for some small talk, about the crap we had the pleasure of viewing. The sight of his girfriend momentarily put me in a state of animal lust.

    Finally Avenged hits the stage and rips shit up. They didn't play anything off of their 1st album though. The moshpit was fierce, I'll be sore for a few days. There was 4 tall, well built guys that threw people around pretty good.

    I got hit in the head twice, once in the face, my body is covered bruises. There was this stupid kid in the pit with a spiky bracelet, and ones that'd just punch everybody. Some of the younger kids were pounding the shit out of the kids younger than them, it was kinda fucked up.

    I got bloody scratches on my neck from this little cocksucker's spiky bracelet. Were he taller or hit any higher I would've lost a fucking eye. He couldn't have been older than 17, and I was too blinded with rage to care.

    I flew into this giant dude and he pushed me and I went flying. Heading on a collision course with me was the little shithead. I whaled him in the stomach just as we crashed into each other.

    Me and two other dudes pulled him up off ground and he left the pit.

    Something to note about Avenged, the vocalist Shadows, apparently blew a major blood vessel from screaming. Because of this, he couldn't scream anymore, and had to actually learn how to sing. Which gave way to a more commercially digestable album.

    It's quite an excuse to take the band in a new direction. If you ask me, I bet he didn't even really fuck up his voice. I liked their second album alot, and the appeal of the 3rd album is Bat Country. Which is about the late great, Hunter S Thompson.

    It was fun times. Children of Bodom plays here in two days, I don't think I'll be back in moshing condition by then. Trivium and Amon Amarth are opening, so it might be good all the way through.

    1. spank


      CoB and Trivium, awesome!