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  1. Saw Children of Bodom last night, and man it was a good show. I tried writing about it last night, but I was too hammered to operate the computer properly. The screen was dancing around, and I lacked the motor skills to type something that made sense.

    I tried playing Doom for a bit, but it started giving me motion sickness. At first I thought I wouldn't be seeing the show. Went to ticketmaster, they told me it was sold out. Fuck.

    So me and my friend went to this bar & grill and started drinking. Bellinis were on special for $5.00. For those that are wondering what a Bellini is, think of a slurpee with booze in it. Peach schnapps, white rum slurpee concoction dumped into a martini glass. Then they pour in sangria. Very tasty.

    We each had about 5 of those, 2 plates of suicide chicken wings, and curly fries. The suicide wings are pretty spicy, but there is other places that serve wings alot spicier. So hot in fact, you have to sign a waiver saying the establishment isn't responsible for possible health complications as a result of ingesting them.

    We paid the $75 dollar bill plus $8 tip, and then hopped on the Robson bus. I told my friend we should try for a scalp. He wasn't up for it, so I left him on the bus as I got off outside the Granville Skytrain station. I hopped on the skytrain and rode it till I hit commercial drive.

    I hopped off and began the walk towards the Croation Cultural centre. It was dark, damp, cold, and foggy. Perfect Bodom weather. I wasn't even halfway there and I already ran into some Bodom fanatics.

    Finally I got there. It was an hour before the show, and already there was at least a hundred people there. Many were drinking, smoking dope, and screaming Bodom. A few people were pounding Bodom out of their car stereos whilst waiting in anticipation for the show.

    I stood there knowing that this was a show I just had to be a part of. Stood still in the same spot for 20 minutes, watching the drunken spectacle, waiting to score a scalp. "Anyone need tickets?"

    It came from a group of guys and chicks drinking near their cars in the parking lot. I walked over and bought the ticket for $40.00. $18 markup is fine by me. Time passes and finally the line up begins to swell. Drunks keep chanting "BODOM! BODOM! BODOM!"

    7:00pm, the doors opens. The show is all ages, but the Croats know how to do an all ages show. The Croation Cultural center has two auditoriums. One of which, becomes a beer garden. Display your two pieces of ID to prove your at least the Canadian legal drinking age of 19 years and your in.

    Heinekken, Miller Genuine Draft, Stella Artois, Corona, Smirnoff Ice, take your pick, all priced at $5 each. They also had two tvs, both of which were broadcasting the hockey game, Canucks vs Black Hawks. I bought 3 Heinekkens and watched the game while waiting.

    Amon Amarth hit the stage and ripped shit up. It was their 1st time in Vancouver, and they said it was a real beautiful city. It's really the same as any other city, but heres the secret behind it. Think of Vancouver as a giant doom map. For the Sky texture you have all these beautiful mountain ranges to look at.

    If you were to replace that sky texture with an empty sky and flatlands it'd be just like any other city.

    ANYWAYS, Amon Amarth did a pretty good performance. I was only familiar with their material off of Vs the World, and The Crusher, but it was good hearing their other stuff as well. They finished off their set with "Death in Fire" which is probably their best song and my most favorite of theirs.

    Download it, give her a listen. It won't kill ya. They said they'll be back, and I'm looking forward to their return. I ventured back into the beer garden. I bought 3 more Heinekkens and was back to watching the hockey game. By this time I was feeling really fucking cut.

    Suddenly this chick grabs a seat right beside me, and we strike up conversation. I remember our conversation in great detail, but for the life of me, I could not remember her fucking name. I bought more drinks, for me and her as well.

    We ended up drinking and talking for so long, I realized I had missed Trivium. I could care less, never heard of 'em. Came here chiefly for Bodom. Bodom hits the stage. I slam my last beer and run right into that mosh pit.

    They did a good set, a nice variety of their catalogue. They played everything from Silent Night Bodom Night, to Are you Dead Yet? It was a fucking killer concert. They put on a great show.

    I did't see that chick after the show, and I wish my drunk ass had made an attempt to get her number, but it's all good. I stumbled into a MacDonalds later and ordered a Double Quarter Pounder meal, and an additional Double Quarter Pounder.

    MMMMM.... Steak Dinner.

    1. Ninja_of_DooM
    2. Ed


      I read in Guitar World that thier singer tried to kill himself twice durring the last album. I know he's a total junkie.. good musicians + good drugs = good music. He also went on to making fun of Dream Theater, he's alright by my book.

    3. spank



      Their new album is cool.

      You should've seen Trivium, they're cool too.