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  1. In Flames play tonight, I'm stoked. Should be a good show. I've seen them before and they did a bang up job. First concert of 2006, I'm excited.

    I quit Diablo II again. It's sorta like a virtual crack pipe. Kill shit, pick up shit off the ground, kill more shit, build up char. It's simple, and fun. The last time I quit Diablo II was because I made a HC char.

    For those that aren't familiar with DII, let alone give a fuck, a HC only lives once. You die, and the char is rendered permanently unplayable.

    So after my char died I said to myself "why the hell do I play this game in the first place? waste of time!"

    Sure enough this time around my lvl56 Necromancer died. At first I was like "FUCK!" and then once again "Why the fuck did I just waste my time playing this game?" It's a vicious circle.

    On the plus side, I probably won't go near it for quite some time.

    /end dribble

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    2. AndrewB


      POTGIESSER said:

      a HC only lives once. You die, and the char is rendered permanently unplayable.

      Wow awesome. For those that weren't near me online about five years ago, I had a level 86 hardcore Paladin on USEast. That was during a time in which the highest level was 91.

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I made a Hardcore character once. A Barbarian. I went to the Den of Evil right away. Died. Level one. Never made one again. :D I get the sweats enough playing softcore. :D Though I mean to make another Hardcore character one day. :D

    4. SYS


      Back from concert. The opener, of course, must suck ass. Murphy's law. That it did, donkey dink. It had cannibal corpse esque vocals to a style of metal which I can't find a word for. It might as well be shit. *thump* *thump* *grind* *grind* "GRR YAOROW GROWL HEAVY METAL GURH!" *thump* *thump* *grind* *grind*

      Up next was Devil Driver, and they did a great performance. I don't really listen to them much, but I like seeing them play live. Much better than just listening to them recorded.

      Then there was TEH Trivium. The concert was sponsored by local radio station CFOX. They got the ever so brilliant and eloquent tagline of "The Fox Rocks!" NOT. No joke, they play enter the sandman every fucking day, at least 4 times. Then they'll play 90's grunge, mainstream shit rock, and radio friendly heavy metal like Trivium.

      Luckily members of the radio station were there and I was able to tell them that the Fox licks ass, and radio is for faggots. Trivium's set sucked. With the exception of covering walk as a Dimebag tribute. Using a deadman to mask the fact they suck. BLEH.

      Then they bitched about having their set cut by two songs. How unfortunate, because I'd rather hear them play two more garbage songs instead of In Flames doing a longer set. Yeah right. Heh.

      In Flames hit stage and kicked ass once again. All is well with the world. Somebody in the front slipped Anders Fridén what he decribed as "a present." My intuition tells me it was dope. There was alot of that, add in tabacco smoke, and gross smoke machine smoke.

      They played a few tunes off their new cd, which I'm not crazy about. They did two songs of their earliest shit. Those sounded awesome live. They never play the instrumental songs. I'd love to hear those. They also didn't play Clayman and Episode 666 which is a bit of a piss off. They really jumped back and forth through their discography.

      Good crowd too, lotsa good moshing. Great stress relief, quite therapeutic. I know tommorrow I'll develop a nice bruise collection.

      They did their last song, and then they played two more. Much to Trivium's disdain.

      Fuck them.

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