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  1. My best friend suggested the idea of drinking a large bottle of booze and renting the Doom movie tonight. Naturally I obliged, it should be interesting. We intend to insult and deconstruct this fine disasterpiece of modern cinema.

    He brought up the idea over beer and wings yesterday. It wasn't just any regular beer and wing night at the local pub though. He and his girlfriend were trying to hook me up with his girlfriend's friend.

    I had a few worries at the idea. What if I didn't find her attractive? What if we had nothing in common? What if we totally ended up hating each other?

    It went well. She turned out to be quite attractive, and quite talkative. There was a lone hot wing just swimming in a pool hot sauce. She told me "I'll give you a buck if you eat it." "That'd be a waste of a dollar." I told her.

    So she upped the bet, "I'll buy you a drink if you eat the hot wing, and lick the paper clean of all the hotsauce." The paper in quesion is what is used to line the plastic basket.

    I took her up on the offer. I ate the hot wing and then licked the paper clean. Then says "I can't believe you licked all that." What I said next would either ruin my chances or improve them.

    "You should see what else I like to lick." I said ever so flirtatiously. She started giggling. Exactly what I had hoped for. We're supposed to all meet up again sometime later this week.

    Should prove to be interesting.

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    2. Bucket


      I'm sure you looked real classy saying that while ranch dressing dripped down your chin.

      If it was in fact ranch dressing and not some other white globby substance. WHOO! See what I did there?

    3. Danarchy


      Bucket said:

      See what I did there?

      I see what you did there.

    4. kristus


      POTGIESSER said:

      My best friend suggested the idea of drinking a large bottle of booze and renting the Doom movie tonight.

      Hm, Maybe if me and my friends had been wasted out of our minds when we watched that peice of stupid shit, then we might have enjoyed it. :p

      Oh, and I totally envisioned you covered in hot sauce as you ver flirtatious with the talkative attractive girl. But considering that she made such a bet, I figured that she's of the kind that don't mind getting dirty.