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  1. First off, Me and my friend haven't seen the DOOM movie. It was rented out. We made another attempt last night, rented out again. ALL 40 FUCKING COPIES of it at Blockbuster. Hard to believe I know, it's a mind fuck just seeing the shelf at Blockbuster.

    Why celebrate Valentines Day when there's the possibility of fucking on any given day of the year?

    There are three reasons people get into a relationship: EMOtional gratification, financial gratification, and sexual gratification.

    Thursday night out, resulted in sexual gratfication for me. And no, I didn't just go home and gratify myself. :D It was Karaoke night at the 'ole pub. I was invited out by my friend and his Girlfriend again. Only this time my buddy's girl brought a different friend with her this time.

    I had met her before 2 months back. Blonde, pretty, boobs, and bella culo. They were relatively drunk before I got to the bar. They drank half a two-six of Bacardi before they got there.

    I decided to play catch up and started downin beer. This dude did a crazy fucking performance of a Zepplin song. Forget the name now, it's that one that's on all those Cadillac commercials. He sounded like he was lip synching, but he wasn't. It was freaky how close he sounded.

    I signed up to sing the Rob Zombie song Dragula. That was pretty fun, I can't sing worth shit, unless it's Monty Python. I can scream and growl though. Which is why I only ever do those type of Songs in Karaoke.

    Later we all stumbled out of the bar and into a nearby chinese restaurant. Afterwards we stumbled back to my buddy's place. They asked me if I was going to crash there. It would've been only another 5 blocks for me to walk home.

    Of course I crashed there on the couch. My buddy and his girlfriend went into his room. His girlfriend's friend was asleep on a makeshift bed which was just a matress on the floor with your typical bedding.

    The lights were out, she says to me "Are you really going to sleep on that cold couch?" So I took my shirt off and got into the bed. Then she says "You do know I'm not wearing any pants right?" So I removed my pants and then we fucked.

    Afterwards I found she had a boyfriend, it's pretty funny.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      this is needless to say one of the stupidest threads ever. Not because of the original post, but because people who supposedly "dont give a shit" are STILL posting insults in it. Wipe the fucking tears and stop giggling behind them as you manically post idiotic comebacks to rebuild your self esteem. Get a new tampon and an erector set, build yourself a bridge, and get over it.

    3. AndrewB


      Chill it, I really didn't mean what I said earlier in the thread.

    4. GooberMan


      POTGIESSER said:

      The man blogs about actually gettin some. OOOH long pointless posts that I don't even have to bother to read!

      I get some every night. Your post is still pointless.