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  1. It was my great Nonna Rossi's funeral today. Nonna - Italian for grandmother. My great grandma lived for 97 years, quite a long life I must say. She lived through both world wars and all that Jazz.

    I didn't really feel that sad. Not for any other reason other than I hardly knew her. I may have met her once when I was an infant. It was a sombre occaision but I didn't get that emotional. It was kinda of fucked up being in church.

    I can't recall the last time I stepped into a church. I think it was for a mass when one of my Nonna's relatives died how many odd years ago/ All these people were chanting prayers in unison and it gave me that cult feeling. There was bagpipes, played by a distant 3rd cousin of mine which I never knew existed.

    After the service at the church, there was a procession for the casket. The bagpipes played and we all made our way outside. The casket was loaded up into the hearse. Across the street there was a sexy ass Black Lamborghini Gallardo at a stop light which stole my attention for a little bit.

    We all made our way to the cemetery. The casket was brought into this beautiful crypt. The crypt was this wonderful structure above ground level. It had two floors in it. The walls housed caskets and cremated remains behind these marble walls which are sealed up. Although it housed ashes and corpses, it felt quite relaxing and peaceful just being inside of it.

    Last rites and prayers were performed. Afterwards Great Nonna Rossi was placed into her final resting place inside a section of the crypt. I also got to see my Nonno's (grandpa) grave. He had died before I was born, he was an alcoholic, and it's no wonder I like to drink.

    After all that we went back to one of my relatives houses. There we chit chatted and drank and I met all this family I never knew existed. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins.

    Probably the best funeral I've ever attended.