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  1. Saw them last night, it's 12:42am as I write this. What a fuckin' show. Much needed fix of metal. Me and my brother's buddies got real hammered and showed up just as the 2nd act left the stage.

    The openers were, some bumfuck crap, and God Forbid, just as exciting as bumfuck crap. Beer garden was packed, The Vancouver Canuck's got their asses kicked. Retards can't play hockey worth shit. Chimera was the 3rd band up and they did not dissapoint.

    After they finished the beer garden at the Croation Cultural centre was closed. I'm assume they sold out of alcohol. Mosh pit was pretty good. Typically I hold my own, but this time around I was dishin more abuse than I was taking. Naturally there's the huge fuckers that beat everyone's ass in, the worst injury that was inflicted on me was a shot to the forehead.

    Obivously not a life changing shot to the forehead, I was still standing afterwards. At one point this crazy giant fucker with tatoo sleeves approached my brother and said "Let's beat people" with a real sadistic grin on his face.

    They went crazy. Ramble Ramble. Last time I saw Arch Enemy they really fucking disappointed. Last time they played at the headbangers faggot MTV tour, one of their guitarists had a major fuckup. Either his rig shorted out, or the soundman was too busy wankin it to notice no sound was coming out of his rig. They walked off after only 4 songs.

    This time they came out angry as fuck and ripped shit up. Angela Gossow really breaks the stereotypical female metal vocalist. While all these other chicks do that melodcial opera nonsense, this bitch screams and growls just as good as any male vocalist out there. Almost erotic I must say.

    Dunno what it is, but I find metal chicks hard to hit on. They either got boyfriends, they're lesbians, or they just aren't interested. Throw me into a pub or club, and I find the females which inhabit those places are much easier to hit on. Can't win either way.

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    2. sirjuddington


      Never been a big fan of Arch Enemy, although Black Earth is a pretty cool album.

    3. Bucket


      TomD666 said:

      Speaking of The Red Chord, they kind of fucked up with the second album didn't they? The first album was the best thing ever. :(


      I see their two albums as kind of equal ground, but the answering machine recording at the end pushes Clients just ahead. 19 years old, I'm 26, tomorrow! PEACE.

    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      There's tons of "metal chicks" that can scream real loud. Since when was the stereotype the opposite?

      Also metal sucks \m/ >_<

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