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  1. If you dislike long blurbs, find something else pleasant to do other than be a complete bitch. So yeahs, yesterday was a great Canada day I must say.

    Things were really great the day before as well. I know there are douches out there that hate the world cup. I suppose if you don't like that you should stop reading as well. Bwahaha. I was bummed about the Netherlands being booted out, but also having Italian blood in my veins gives me hope for Italy to triumph over all.

    My Ukrainian buddy was too paranoid to watch the game down on commercial drive. For fear of being mocked and possibly attacked by cocky dirty wops. I told him that's incredibly paranoid and retarded, but at the same time possibly not far from the truth.

    So we watched the game at his place whilst consuming copious amounts of beer. People watch the world cup sober? Shame on them! Anyways, I was able to relish in the utter defeat of Ukraine to the hands of the great dirty wops of Italy.

    I don't mind calling them dirty wops because I can get away with it. That, and there are wops out there that say "You're either full or nothing." That is you're FBI (Full Blooded Italian), or your an impure mixture of shit.

    I love you Mussolini. So July 4th is battle of the Fascists, Hitler vs Mussolini. Mussolini was Hitler's butt puppet, so it should make for an interesting soccer match.

    Later that day we ended up in the rich part of Vancouver. Which happens to be westvan. We're talking $1000000 properties as the minimum. Anyways we were out at Ambleside because they have a nice beach and 2 beautiful artificial turf soccer fields.

    We were on the beach, drank some more beer, and then went to go play soccer. We ended up having a big ass game with all these other people who wanted to play soccer. All walks of life and race, it was good fun.

    I hadn't played a real game of soccer in years. I did pretty good at the position I used to play, which was defenseman. Team I was on ended up winning. Met some new friends, might endup having another game again with them.

    Fast forward to Canada day! Went to White Pine which is situated in Port Coquitlam. Beautiful ass fuckin beaches, clear, clean, crisp, cold, freshwater, surrounded by loads of goregous trees. I can't stress how beautiful this place is. Swam around, soaked in the sun, had a hell of a time.

    Later on we were planning to hit up the Orange No.5. Which is a Gentleman's club located in a shitty area of downtown Vancouver. Lo and behold, a buddy of mine ends up getting rear ended in a traffic accident. Wasn't so bad, because my Ukranian buddy phones me up.

    Tells me to head downtown to the Morrissey. His Cousin's Husband is in a band and had a gig that night. I said sure. There was a record producer from LA there, as well some local talent scouts. Name of the band is the Manvils.

    They sounded pretty good. Real good rock 'n roll, something I haven't heard in a while. Most rock nowadays is in a sad state. I figure if these dudes make it big they'll be able to fix that. It wasn't beattheshitouttapeopleinamoshpitmetal, but I had myself a good time.

    Especially considering this chick came onto to me. Typically it's me showing interest and making the effort, but by god it's fun being wanted. She told me she's been takin belly dancing classes for over year now.

    By the way she was grinding with me, I really do take her word for it. She gave me her name and number, I look forward to seeing her again. Oddly enough there were members of the Canadian pop punk band "Billy Talent" at the show as well. I think they had done a show for the local alternative radio station earlier in the day.

    Not that I like them, but I thought it was cool that these established artists were there just checking this small ass band out, and chilling with regular people. It was also kinda funny seeing Ian D'Sa looking over at me as this chick was grinding against me and sticking her tongue down my throat.

    EDIT: A great development to this turn of recent events. Well my so called "buddy" who claimed to have been in a rear end accident, didn't get into an accident at all. He was too spineless to say "I don't want you to come to the peeler bar." So he pretended he got into an accident.

    I love karma, because I was able to get right in his face today and thanked him for being such a fucking loser. Because he decided to show his true colors and be a fucking loser, I had a way better time. Because he decided to be fucking loser douchebag, I met a girl that wants to fuck my brains out.

    I dunno if karma is a religous thing at all, but I must say I'm a firm believer.