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  1. Rob Zombie was in town and this dude is awesome live. I went with a buddy of mine who doesn't really like metal, but Rob Zombie is his thing. Me and him were really big on Hellbilly Deluxe when it came out. That was 8 years ago when were starting highschool going into grade 8.

    For the occasion I had some really good weed. Long story short, the weed is said to be grown by a member of the BC marijuana party. We rolled the dope, drank all the beer, and made our way down to Pacific Coliseum. While waiting for the lineup to die down, we blazed a joint, and made our way inside.

    Sure enough the source of the weed felt like it had checked out. Real smooth flavor, no nasty fertilizers, incredible uplifting stone, without the paranoia and downerness. Pure Sativa strain. Indicas and 50/50's suck.

    We made our way inside and sat down. Anthrax came out, and it was nice getting a chance to see them play. Joey Belladonna at one point asked "Are you guys having fun? Sure smells like it!" As copious amounts of weed smoke was in the air. They did pretty good, but a good portion of the crowd was more interested in Zombie.

    These dudes sitting in front of us wanted to match their weed with us when Zombie hit the stage. Zombie finished setting up and American Witch started playing and we smoked the dope. Zombie puts on a good show, he's got a great sense of showmanship. Considering he was fucked out of his mind, he did good. He had to have been royally baked and/or drunk.

    A couple of tunes he was stumbling through his words, but even in spite of that, he did a hell of a job. At one point he says "You know, there has been a disturbing trend at our concerts of late. People have been having sex and leaving condoms behind. Disturbing thing is, we don't know which song it happens during! But I'm guessin that it's this one, SUPERBEAST!"

    Halfway through Thunderkiss '65 they ended up having a strange interlude. I thought Zombie had lost his marbles. Then Zombie started asking for song requests. They ended up playing Sweet Dreams followed by Enter The Sandman. Afterwards they finished off Thunder Kiss '65. I heard his show coming up in California was cancelled. Seeing the state that Zombie was in, I'm not at all suprised.

    Ever get the chance to, go see him. He's a hell of a performer.

    1. Sharessa


      Heh, I saw Zombie in '99. That was like the first real concert I ever went to. One of the best I've seen too. The dude sure knows how to put on a show, and he suuuure did love explosions.

    2. Janizdreg


      Rob Zombie rocks. I only wish he'd come to tour Europe some time.