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  1. Wasn't at the casino either lol. I get a call from the bank today. "Mr.Brandon Potgiesser, we have reason to believe that your debit card has been duplicated." Thank god I had all my funds in an entirely seperate account. Otherwise I might've been out thousands.

    Luckily for me, all I had sitting in my chequing account was $2.00. Oddly enough it happened to my cousin a while ago as well. She ended up losing her rent money.

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    2. Scuba Steve
    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      probably little to no chance of identifying exactly who it was anyway

      ...but that don't mean you shouldn't give it a try;)

      *insert hysterical evil laughter*

    4. SYS


      Typically how it works is they install a hidden camera to get your pin #. Then they install a card reader over the original that stores the card data. Make copy of card, enter pin, away you go.

      I'm never using another one of those sketchy ass Fast CashTM ATMS again. At least the ones at a bank are typically safe. The last place I used it was at a sketchy downtown bar weeks ago. Considering all the cocaine that gets trafficked through it, the ATM scam wouldn't suprise me.

      I'm not out any money so my thirst for blood is minimal :D