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  1. What can I say about whores? A buddy of mine's GF left for Australia, it was her going away celebration. Good times, drank alotta booze, it's the Canadian thing to do. The Canadian government never tells us how much money they collect in booze tax, but I imagine it being a fuckload.

    So tonight I ran into one of those high dollar whores. Afterwards most of us went to this Nightclub known as the Tonic on the Granville Strip. Anyways outside of there was this incredibly hot Dutch babe. I knew she was Dutch because of her passport from Holland she showed the bouncer.

    Sexy ass Brunette, supermodel, pornstar, centerfold, beautiful this babe was. She was with this dude in his late 40's who appeared to be of Philipino descent. She was either into millionares, or this guy bought himself a high dollar prostitute, and decided to "club" with her, before cashing in on all she's really worth.

    To prove my point, I tried hitting on her. Fearlessly, went up to her, introduced myself and started flirting wit her. Offered to buy her a drink and asked her to dance with me. Tried my best to seduced this goregeous babe. She politely declined all of such. I knew of course, the sole reason being, she was all in it for the money.

    Amazing, how beauty as such, can be so easily bought and sold.

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    2. Janderson


      I guess this is the perfect thread to tell the tale of how I lost my virginity in Sennelager.

      Nothing special really. My corprals found out I still had my V plates and paid for my ride. When the prostitute found out I was a virgin she gave me another half hour free in lessons. When I woke up next day I found every british soldier in germany, or so it seemed, knew about my adventures, and after singing Like a Virgin at the regimental BBQ/kareoke I became known to every british officer in the area too. They actually asked me over to shake my hand and tell me I had a lot of balls, must have been one hell of a performance.

      Now I'm back in England I can't shut my collegues up and their timing when they bring it up is immaculate, I must say!

      Can't complain really, I lost it proffesionally and cleaner then I ever could have in a british nightclub.

    3. spank


      Janderson's story

      Dude, that's a bit sad :(

    4. Janderson


      ... it is isn't it. :(

      But meh, I enjoyed it and I enjoy all the attention I'm getting because of it.