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  1. A little backstory to how this all happened. I've been working at this new job for a month and a half now. Working as a dishwasher in a Resteraunt. I spelt that wrong, but I'm too hungover to give a fuck. Pay is crap, $8.00 an hr + $2.00 in tips per hr. It's nice getting an envelope of cash along with a cheque. This chain of Restaraunts is one of those upscale casual types. Which means it's grossly overpriced for what is mostly average food. Shamelessly over priced booze. $7.00 for a fuckin beer.

    The good part is they're notorious for having really hot waitreses :D This jailbait hostess has been flirtin with me ever since I started workin there. She's 17, so it's close enough lol. Paralelling things to your life is overly cliche and gay. That being said, on this rare ocaision I will do so. If you've seen the movie Waiting you will know what I'm talking about.

    Vanessa Lengies plays a jailbait hostess that Ryan Reynolds wants to bang. Only he was a waiter not a dishwasher. Teehee hee. I've met Vanessa Lengies on a pilot tv show that I worked on as a walking prop. It was called Split Decision. She's hot :P

    Now for the party bus. Anyhoo there was a bunch of people that had a big bday bash and everybody was invited. They had the lounge of the restaraunt reserved + the VIP room of this nightclub downtown called Crush. Much to my suprise a few of them had put out the monies for rentin this fuckin pimpin party bus.

    It was insane. Decommishoned school bus, jetblack with tinted windows. The interior was modelled into a bitchin limo styled seating. With a few poles in the middle for hot drunk girls to get freaky on. Insane sound system, with giant ass speakers in each corner. And smaller but still fairly big speakers all across the top. It was fuckin loud.

    The bartenders had 4 giant bags loaded with booze. May or may not have been pilferred from work. The bus driver told us we had to finish it all before we ended up downtown cause of the VPD. Tunes were cranked, dancin, and we were all gettin smashed ontop of what we had at the restaraunt. Bus ride was awesome. The club not much so. It was pretty gay. Any gayer and it would've been a club of the homosexual variety. Took half an hr in lineup to get a fuckin drink.

    This VIP lounge was reserved, but we still had to wait in line like douches. With the exeception of a few of the hot chicks that were with us. It wasn't bad. Then afterwards a bunch of them left for this other club, things are a little hazy at this point. I think it was some weird fetish club, not too sure on that. In a weird spot. Anyhoo, the douchebag bouncer wouldn't let me in cause I wasn't with a chick.

    I told him he just fuckin let in all the chicks I was with. No go. No biggie, still had a good time, from what I recollect hee hee. Sadly hotty hostess didn't have a fake ID to come partying. Just wrote a fuckin novel here lol, excuse me while I go puke.

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    2. SYS


      Danarchy said:

      Weird, I can say the exact same thing about my job. I make a quarter more per hour than you do though, but get no tips.

      I get paid in Canadian dollars. Went on Xe.com and converted $8.25 US to canadian and it came out to 9.28. So I make about 72 cents more than you. But I don't pay taxes on my tips, so yeah, probably make even more :D

      Bucket said:

      Speaking of that movie, remember that angry bitch? That's pretty much my last girlfriend to a T. Except she shaved. And she worshipped me for some reason.

      ...AND SHE HAD BOOBS!!!1

      Haha, that chick was fuckin funny.

    3. Danarchy


      POTGIESSER said:

      I get paid in Canadian dollars. Went on Xe.com and converted $8.25 US to canadian and it came out to 9.28. So I make about 72 cents more than you. But I don't pay taxes on my tips, so yeah, probably make even more :D

      Bastard! Well you know what, I don't pay any state income taxes, so there!

    4. GGG


      Not all party buses rule. I happened to party once on this ancient double decker bus that was missing its windows. Sheets of plexiglass were nailed in where the windows should've been. And it's 40 degrees out and we're going 70 on the highway. And those plexiglass pieceofshit windows did not keep the wind out. At least I had enough booze in my system to not let it get to me... too much.