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  1. It was unexpected. My buddy talked me into going back to the Redroom with one of his exes who he is just friends with now. Naturally, being female, the bouncer lets my buddy's ex in right away. Anyhoo, while waiting an ungodly amount of time in line, get to know this dude named Cesar from El Salvador. He was with some babes and he smoked a joint with me and other peeps. I take the good precautions of smoking weed with strangers so that I get the dope smoke without me lips being on the joint. If you smoke da reefer you know what I be talkin about.

    Anyhoo, finally get in in this place. End up losing my buddy for like a half hour inside the place. He ends up hookin up with some Spanish babe and leaves. He tells me before I leaves to go look around for his ex before I leave. I really didn't want to, but I just humored his notion anyways. I'm sure she went home with some dude she had met within 5 minutes of getting inside the joint. (no pun intended)

    I run into the Cesar fellow I had met earlier. He wants to blaze another joint he had on him. We blaze outside. Afterwards he tells me that he is Bisexual. I wasn't expecting to hear that at all. My first gut reaction was to smash his faggotty face in. I just told him quite honestly, "I like women, and I suppose I'd find that flattering if I were a faggot like yourself."

    "I like both the pussy and the cock." he says. I tells him "I'm all about the pussy man, I'm not goin near you." He got the message. Never been hit on by a dude before. Being a non faggot establishment, last thing I'd ever expect. Stranger shit has happened I guess.

    Onto the street fight. Well, after being hit on by a dude that's bi, I decide my chances of getting any babes that night is zero. Not to mention the destroyed morale of a straight man's ego after having that happen. I get in line and wait for what felt like forever to get my fuckin coat.

    There was this amazingly beautiful blonde behind me, and her douchebag of a boyfriend. He went away somewhere, so for laughs I started hitting on her, which went nowhere. But I had to hit on her. She was just hot to the point where, if I didn't, I'd feel fucking stupid for not doing so.

    Obviously nadda. But I just flat out said, "What's your name sexy?" She giggled, and then said her boyfriend would kill me if he heard me say such a thing to her. There was a fellow in front who lacked proper english speaking skills. Him and the coatcheck lady were arguing for 15 minutes. I believe he wanted his coat but had lost his ticket, and had no $ to pay the lost ticket fee to get his coat.

    She summons a bouncer and he pulls the dude out of the premise. I get my coat, and the rumble begins. The dude beings screamin at the bouncer and throws a fist. The bouncer shitkicks this dude and another bouncer hopped in fending off anybody trying to intervene. I was more worried about somebody pulling out a gun at this point, but my mordbid curiosity just drew me into the streetfight.

    The dude lay metres outside the club on the sidewalk, a complete bloody pulp. Ambulence and Police arrived. Bouncers had fucked off inside the establishment. Being a witness, and one of the few people who were well versed in the english language, I told one of the officer's what I had witnessed. Bouncer's jobs are to remove unruly people from the premise, not render them near death.

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    2. AndrewB


      Danarchy said:
      Are those random splashes of color and blackness supposed to simulate what life looks like through POTGREASER's eyes? [/B]

      I think it's meant to simulate a fuzzy vision into the future, but that might work too.

    3. Bucket


      Really? I thought it was the result of someone trying to use the selection tool during a grand mal seizure.

    4. Danarchy


      Bucket said:

      Really? I thought it was the result of someone trying to use the selection tool during a grand mal seizure.

      Man, I laughed so hard I almost hurled. Damn, hangovers suck.