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  1. I sat down with my boss yesterday to talk about my raise. It was kind of a shitty time to be talking about one. Tuesday I was doing a closing shift and it got insanely busy. Massive dinner rush, feels almost like starcraft "ZERGLING RUSH GOGOGOGO"

    Piles of dishes everywhere, keep pumpin them through the machine. Anyhoo, they ran outta chicken strip portions on the line. The line cooks are too busy cooking shit, so I had to ran into the back and manicly prep 10 portions for the line. This of course was time consuming.

    I arrive back into the dish pit welcomed by a massive pile up. One of the line cooks was able to get offline and give me a hand for a while. Things looked alright, and then I just got fucked again cause it got so busy. Damn holidays + hockey game on TV = LOTSA FUCKIN DIRTY DISHES lol.

    They threw another guy off of line into the pit with me. I had him helping me out till midnight. Last call is done, but I still had a pile of shit to run though. I don't leave till every last little thing is cleaned. The General Manager is getting pissed cause he's gotta get up in the morning early to work.

    Didn't finish till around 1:45am. He told me he was going to talk to my boss about my performance tonight and see if he can get me some extra help for tomorrow. So I'm at work and I have a sitdown with my boss and we discuss my raise.

    He tells me what the GM told him. I tell him "Quite honestly, he's more concerned about what time he gets home and goes to sleep at, then he is about my performance in the dish area." I explained to him it just got real hellish and super busy, and held out as best I could. Anways they end up givin me a whole 50 cent raise per hr bringing my meager wage up to $10.50 an hr.

    I'm also being promoted to line cook sometime in January and could be seeing another wage increase pending upon how well I do. On another note one of the managers quit recently. He left for a, what one could argue, "less prestigous" managerial position @ a McDonald's. But he couldn't have put his reasoning more eloquently, "If I'm going to work at a place where everybody acts like 15 year olds, they might as well be 15 year olds."

    One of the bartenders is leaving too. He's headin out to the oil rigs in Alberta to make a tonne of dough. Good money, only problem is you have all this $$ and you have absolutely nothing to do but get drunk and do cocaine. Lotta fuckups from that in that line of work lol. But I'm sure he will do just fine, he wants to save it all and then be able to invest it afterwards.

    A couple weeks ago I also turned down a job offer from a friend. It was a Xbox360 technical support position. Sit around at a call center listen to itdiotic douches bitch about their XBoxes. The shifts were shitty, all the way out in fuckin Surrey, and it paid only $9.00 an hr. I make more washin the dishes lol. He said to me "At least I can tell people I offered somebody a Microsoft job and they turned it down."

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    2. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Danarchy said:

      I'm probably the only person here who understood that and completely sympathises.

      Oh I quite doubt that. As for myself I did a year at the only authentic spanish restaurant in downtown Valparaiso, dish washer and occasional food prep. We had no machines, just a couple of sinks, a scrubber and a place to pile the dishes. We'd work late nights, I'd come home smelling like old chicken and oliole. Most of the people were nice but the boss was relentless, being a full blooded spaniard only 10 years in the country. His work ethic was outstanding and he tried to get us kids (being 15/16 at the time) to work just as hard. I also spent a few months at a restaurant right outside of Gary where the atmosphere was more relaxed but the facilities were much worse. After that job and a 6 month stint at Wendy's prior to that, I vowed never again to do restaurant work.

    3. Technician


      insertwackynamehere said:

      my old summer nonprofit computer donation/repair place.

      Holy Christ I did the same thing for half a year as a co-op placement. It’s so demeaning taking 30 Meg hard drives out of machines older then us and labeling them as ten bucks. No business is more crooked then the computer repair industry.

    4. Danarchy


      Mancubus II said:

      We had no machines, just a couple of sinks, a scrubber and a place to pile the dishes.

      Ouch. The dude I often work with who has been there for years says that once the dishwasher broke and he was there until 2:30.

      After that job and a 6 month stint at Wendy's prior to that, I vowed never again to do restaurant work.

      Yeah, I don't really want to do much more restaurant work, though working in a bakery wouldn't be too bad. I know a few people who have done so and they bitch and moan that it's hard but really I think it doesn't even compare to working in the dish pit.