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  1. Got back from my buddy's newyears party. He held it at his swanky penthouse suite. He splits the rent with his gf and another buddy, which makes it not only roomy and nice, but affordable. Got real liquored and had a good time.

    That is, until around 8:30am in the mornin. I had passed out on the floor and was rudely awakened by this other dude and his gf arguing. I guess neither of them had slept and kept drinkin all goddamned night. She fell ontop of me which naturally woke me up. Then she starts calling me by the name of this dude which wasn't even there that night and starts punchin me in the side of the head.

    Not very hard punches mind you, and seeing as I lost most of my marbles long ago, I wasn't too worried. Then she starts screamin at her boyfriend again and starts beatin on him. After about half hour of bickering about nothing she brings me into the bathroom with her.

    She talks about how she wants to her kill herself. I really didn't know what to say, other then whatever I could to talk her outta it. Quite honestly, if I was her and had a kid with that fucking idiot of a bf, I'd want to kill myself too.

    Back when she was in highschool her sister had killed herself, and she seemed motivated to join her. I really just told her, nothing else matters but your kid. Fuck everything else, you want your kid dealing with your suicide? Told her I could list off a buncha reasons not to go through with it, but theres only one big one and that's your child.

    On another note I have a barstool prophecy for 2007. people were raving about the 6th year, the 6th month, 6th day, 666 evil day bullshit. But I'm telling ya guys, 777 is where it's at. Not only is it my buddy's bday, it's the official Seal of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

    Otherwise known as the star of BABALON. Christian Evanglists rave about the anti christ rebuilding the city of Babylon, which is, coincidentally, where Iraq is now. Inside the Star of BABALON features the numbers 7 and 77. OH NOES THE WORLD IS ENDING! You heard it here first, and in any case somebody else beat me to something as retarded as this, shame on me.

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    2. Sharessa


      Got really drunk. The girl I'm kind of into got even drunker and I feel really bad for her now. Woke up with some horrible cold. Happy New Year...I guess.

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      I spent saturday through today with the flu hooray!

      Worst new years ever.

    4. GGG


      Dom P + Cris + Moet (after we were drunk cuz it's the cheap shit) rollin around town in a stretch Escalade doing lines off of girls' tits and flippin off pigs.
      The usual.