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  1. I was out on a date with my girlfriend of a month and a half. We went to Anducci's, ate some pasta and then saw Mr.Bean's Holiday. Afterwards we went to Stanley Park for some fornication in the back of her Jeep Grand Cherokee. We found a suitable spot and parked.

    I slipped between the driver and passenger seats into the back and saw it walking around through the side passenger side window. A Caucasian creeper that stood about 5'11 looked to be 180lbs, was wearing a pair of jeans and a darkblue jacket. Looked to be in his 30's. He just walked off and we thought nothing it. She slipped into the back and we went at it. Times passes and suddenly she yells. For a split second I thought maybe she climaxed but it was a yell of the frightened variety. She said somebody was watching us and he ran off.

    We were then pondering how long he might've been watching as we had our eyes shut. We got back into the mood and went at it again. Time passes and then we catch fuckhead again watching us through the back window. My girlfriend lowered the window and screamed "FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE YOU PERVERTED LOSER!" He started to bail again. I quickly zipped up my pants, threw on my shirt, grabbed the club (Steeringwheel anti theft device for those not in the know), and was going to chase after him.

    Humorous enough I know as I'm incapable of committing an act of violence. Sure enough as I opened the door Stephanie starts ranting at me about how she doesn't want me chasing after him and crippling the waste of space. Energy better spent fornicating anyways. Once again back at it then she says "If he comes back I'M going beat him with it." "So you're allowed to hit him but I can't?" I asked.

    She explained that being a chick from a legal perspective she would stand a better chance at assaulting a perverted voyeur creeper then I would. Fair enough I suppose. In spite of Mr.Creepy we managed to have a good time together. I suppose nowadays vehicles without tinted windows are just pervert Peeping Tom buffets. Is porn not good enough for some socially introverted failures at life, that they have to stroll around a dark park @2:15am looking for people having sex in vehicles instead?

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    2. Danarchy


      I actually kind of want to see it. The original show was hilarious. The movie wasn't nearly as good, but I still thought it was pretty funny.

    3. Use


      And now back to unsubstantiated stories, starring Potgiesser!

    4. exp(x)


      Use3D said:

      And now back to unsubstantiated stories, starring Potgiesser!

      Unless the pervert at the park was a reporter working on a story about people fucking there, I don't think you're going to find much proof, regardless of the truth.